Hello, I'm Abhishek Rout, Water colorist and film maker. And that's basically kept on a plate. It's almost finished. Now. Very simple way of lifting. We can have a lighter value and a touch of water to the mix and do a very, very light blend like so, and feed them just like this. If you have a sponge that'll do the job. And simply, if you hold it close and use the dip like I described in the beginning, it would get a very watery line like that. Again. One wouldn't that just one smaller than the first one. I am passionate about movies, fine art and all kinds of music. I'll just add maybe do after. So we are basically finished with our there also the other ones. There. This is a natural hair brush. 5. Let's do the shadow areas. So what we understood was when you add a light color and you add a Darker, blend them together in the middle. 7. So if you have orange, use, if you don't have, maybe you can add a touch of yellow. Very simple. Touch. Now let's start the painting process. Do simple leaves which are not really detailed, but it was not really required as well. Well, it's not really required. The lighting is this way, the shadows are this way. Just like this lady, go. Just like that. Same thing, we are going to use yellow ocher again. Now. And now this is not really important, and I'm just gonna do it. You don't have to press your brush. And now we are going to keep the light from the left-hand side. They recur quite simple. And now as these areas are wet, just like this, Maybe I'll just do a little bit of touch-up, just like so. Now we are done. Just about. And I'm going to add right here. Yes. And now what we'll do is we'll try to add a little bit of dark tone. Now they are mixing. There we go. Same thing over here. Very simple. And yeah, that's about that. For the shadow. So we need some sort of a medium yellow, as you can see, Benito, medium yellow. Quite heavy. One has to observe things better. And all I can see is keep practicing, keep honing your skills in a better, better way. Now here and here we are trying to add a touch of Brown in the dialogue itself. Now let's begin. I can create this beautiful dark color and all I have to do is drop it at the edge. So try not to be too much. I'm going to add some more to over here. Just like that. And I'm dragging the color slightly forward. Likely an easily not it during docked on, I'm adding Muncie and under the green, more green, more green. Just like this. Little bit of light don't over here, later over here. Learn from the award-winning painter, Steve Curl, on how to paint a still-life painting from scratch. Now let us see. But now I'm going to use the small brush it up quite enough to lift a little bit of pigment, just like this metallurgy. You can use blue also. But we'll see that afterwards. It's a very simple drawing. So I'm just trying to make the shapes quite simple. I'll see you in the class. And we are good to go there, we have it. This is a very simple course. We also need to use 110 synthetic brush. watercolor grapes on pinterest | watercolor grapes | ARTchat - Porcelain Art Plus (formerly Chatty ... Art | Illustrations | Sculptures. Now for this meeting, I'm going to use yellow ocher. So you can progress yourself. Please practice if you have any questions, any doubts liminal in the project section, and I would be honored if you put your paintings are there. Alright, that's done. So what am I going to use? Nothing much. Copy of touches. When do you use a lots of burnt sienna touch of green, just like that drop of water. Abhishek Rout, Water colorist and film maker. Apr 21, 2018 - Explore Sammie Justesen NorLights Pre's board "Watercolor still life", followed by 368 people on Pinterest. Also, the drugs are going to be quite simple. Introduction To Course: Hi, I'm Abishek route, well into my course in sql share. This course has a very simple motive. And that's all there is. Should we do something else? Cobalt blue. We have a cut piece of a lemon and a whole lemon. Now in the tomatoes, as you'll see, we have a hard lighting over here because I wanted it that way. The don't have to wait for it to happen, but you just have to glide them. Very simplest subject Really. And dragging the goal is very simple. And I'm going to introduce this that just like this, very simple and drag a line out of it. .. Watercolor Still-life for Beginners: Memorizing Realistic Methods in a Simple Way | Abhishek Rout | Skillshare Just like that. No copyright infringement intended. And now I'm going to add burnt sienna and a touch of green cup of water. I have created several stories, have created soulful songs and have taught art over the span of 15 years. Green would do the job, but I'll be using the viridian green. To the next one. In this course there will be couple of simple subjects like Lemon, tomato, Pear which we will paint in a absolute simplified way in order to memorize the essential techniques which can build confidence to attempt complicated subjects. Other than that, if you have ultra marine, This one that'll do the work of Bush and glue. As you can see, that looks beautiful already. That's basically the highlight. I love to travel, especially biking across the rivers and mountains. But maybe we can paint. What, whatever color you choose doesn't really matter. Very, very, very, very simple. And the color that they are going to create. We did a little bit of a hard lifting here.