It’s like you are at the start-line of a marathon, but you are not sure if you should start running or not. The Twin Flame relationship incentivizes us to transcend our ego, heal generational pain, tune into our intuition, and understand the energetic power we hold in our thoughts and feelings. Self-healing is essential so prepare yourself for this journey. Do you believe that the Twin Flame journey is a struggle? But as you live life on earth your core “soul song” – which exists up in Unconditional Love – becomes weighed down. It’s also a question that can be asked by the people around you, when you try to explain this amazing connection that you are experiencing with this person you believe to be your Twin Flame. Other than running into each other in the unlikely circumstances, Twin Flames continue to experience seeming coincidences. I realized if the Universe as a confirmation of my sign two hours before, was capable of getting the two f-ing twin trucks from Belgrade Serbia on the same road I am driving on. The 5D unity consciousness Twins are here to embody, exists up around 500-1000 on the vibrational scale. Twin Flames begin triggering areas that need to be healed within the other. it’s actually particles and molecules in motion. If your partner is open to talking about esoteric concepts, then have a conversation to prevent unnecessary arguments. The Twin Flame journey will challenge your ego over and over again until we finally reach the point of ego transcendence (or ego death). have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. It is easy to see why the Journey can become too intense during a period of time for a couple to remain together. Well then you might think to go to a tarot reader who can confirm if this person is your twin or not and although tarot readings can be very valuable, most readers don’t know anything about Twin Flames and even if they do – it doesn’t always make them correct. These are recognition signs, and that’s why living the experience of that sign creates the feeling that the time stops. The Twin Flame connection is truly at its core all love, all bliss. Their disbelief can easily have you spiraling into doubt, especially when your twin is running away from you and it really looks like he or she is just not that into you. Once we look at every behavior in our Twin and ask what area of healing is being reflected back to us, we reach a new level on this healing journey. I wanted reunion so badly I was fully demagnetized and not only getting in my own, but also in the Universe’s way. My Twin Flame had just unexpectedly gotten married to a girl his family picked out for him (arranged marriage), the marriage took place a couple of days BEFORE my birthday which was when I wrote this article. The heart starts racing suddenly. When was the last time you gave to or helped someone without expecting anything in return? ***TAKE THE TWIN FLAME HARMONY QUIZ HERE!***. if you’re a Democrat how do you feel about Republicans, if you’re an Environmentalist, how do you feel about people who don’t Recycle and so on? It’s really a waste of time. I wanna find out whether he is my true twin as he has gone far away from me now. Using tarot to confirm your Twin Flame connection is like Russian roulette, a one in x chances that your answer is going to be right. They see beyond the veil of illusion. Together you both evolve into better versions of yourselves. If you own a deck of divination cards, you know you can’t be trusted with those and the problem is even when you pull out the exact cards that you would want, you don’t dare to trust them anyway. And I remembered this Florence Scovel Shinn quote: When you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear, for your ship will come in over a “don’t care” sea.’. The key here is an intuitive knowing or gut feeling (even when the brain wants to question it). I already wrote some things about this above and I think these signs and symptoms are the #1 reason people run into near twin and fake twin experiences. Union is also characterized by both Twins fulfilling their dharma, or life purpose. If they could get my friend to have ordered the perfect gift for me, that would support me in taking my next step in my Twin Flame journey and could bring it all together the way they did that day – giving me ONE HUGE confirmation that no matter how bad things looked at that moment in 3D – The Universe totally had my back, every single step of the way. This is not just a career or business, but a way of living in this reality. Take The... Twin Flame Astrology – Decoding Your Unique Pair Energies. Dark Night of the Soul Test (Are You Facing the Inner Void? It is almost impossible to remain in a Twin Flame relationship without transcending (or at least understanding) our ego programming. When I finally was able to do that, my twin came back into my life. Spirit has for over 6 months been suggesting for me to make a quiz for Twin Flames to self-assess what energy frequency they TRULY are in. It wasn’t until I met my actual Twin Flame that the thought crossed my mind, ‘This could be your Twin Flame…‘ and then out of nowhere I met all these women who were suddenly telling me about their Twin Flame connection. Matthew 7:7 in the Bible says: ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ this is not just some ancient outdated text – this stuff works in the here and now. I much more recommend you get a 5D confirmation of your Twin Flame connection, because honestly baby – you are going to need to learn to trust these 5D signs anyhow, they are all you are going to get for the majority of this journey. Stepping Out Of Illusion. This era will also last thousands of years, and Twin Flames are some of the pioneers leading the shift. I purchased the complete union package because I thought, if I was going to do this, I needed to be all in. There are a lot of recognition signs that we establish with our twin flames, before coming here on Earth. The truth is only you, your twin and the Divine are really in the loop about the truth of your connection. Take this quiz and find out. The Twin Flame experience forces us to look at long-held beliefs, patterns, habits, and thoughts that keep us stuck. It took a while to find the right software and to make it user friendly, but spirit very meticulously guided me to the “right” questions to get the truth. No ph sticks that will color purple if you are a perfect soul frequency match. Twin Flames question these rules. Basically, what this shows is that your two souls are perhaps trying to figure out what it is that must be done in this lifetime in order to be able to move forward. A beautiful golden necklace with a small intricate lotus on it and a text plate that says ‘and so it goes‘. Many feel as if their whole world is flipped upside down and they are like a newborn baby learning how to live from this fresh perspective. Do you trust that things occur as they are in alignment/“divine timing”? Learn the methods that got my Twin and I to Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. Need guidance? Two golden interlocked hearts and next to their Swiss head office location both trucks have the text Belgrade, Serbia on them! This journey can be magical if you choose to look for the magic in each moment. By downloading the Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript I also agree to receiving the weekly Twin Flame Tribe email updates. When Twin Flames reunite, the Universal energy shifts, due to the strong vibration emitted by the two souls feeling again as One. Often when I talk about Twin Flames with my mom she asks, ‘But how do they know for sure if it’s their Twin Flame?‘ I used to answer, when you have met your twin – you just know and the Universe will knock itself out to confirm it to you. Before you take the twin flame relationship test below, let’s have a quick look at what the 4 most common spiritual relationship types actually are… Twin Flames. The odds are a bit better in this case than the tarot cards, but you still have a 50% chance that what you are being told is utter BS. With a little more than a week left of this year I would like to ask all Twin Flames to help make 2016 much more amazing than it has been.