This means that you have to be prepared to rent a tiny house … Generally speaking, tiny houses are under 400 square feet. Away from the city lights of Miami proper, this tiny treehouse is located on a permaculture farm in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, just west of the MiMo District. Our favorite Denver tiny home is located in the up-and-coming Villa Park neighborhood and just blocks from the RTD Light Rail—a 10-minute ride to downtown. She’s also in charge of our YouTube channel. Tiny Backyard Garden Shed Bedroom in Seattle, Washington. Visitors can also take time to enjoy the farm’s goats, pigs, emus, roosters, parrots, and other wildlife that make this an incredibly unique experience. Beyond enjoying the solitude of the tiny house, visitors can explore a 30-foot waterfall just 300 feet away, as well as a stream and bluestone ridge. There’s a king-sized bed as well as two twin mattresses set up as a place to lounge. Why it's a fit for Treehugger: We love this cabin because visitors can spend time in the great outdoors while also enjoying fresh eggs and fruit from the property. The cost per night is roughly $169, and the home allows two guests to stay at a time. Constructed from a 20-foot shipping container and powered by solar energy, the sleek interior is the perfect combination of vintage cabin and modern hideaway. Read more about Maria here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Perhaps most importantly, the house features beautifully handcrafted pieces from local makers—creating a one of a kind ecological and artistic experience. This is the same logic that is applied to extended stays as well as apartment rentals. Easy access to a MARTA bus line offers convenient public transportation. Here are your options! This tiny house also comes with a number of more whimsical features like an indoor swing, a lofted sitting room for enjoying coffee, and carefully designed built-in furniture and ladders that optimize the space. We also love that the tiny house is totally off-grid, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the beautiful environment. There are plenty of online communities of tiny houses enthusiasts at your disposal! This is because tiny houses are built to move. Also, you don’t have to be face to face with someone to be a part of this community. Why it's a fit for Treehugger: The Blue Door Micro-Loft is our top pick for a tiny house rental in Portland because it’s close to public transportation so you can reduce your travel footprint. Here are some of the best, and easiest, ways that you can try or rent a tiny house! One of the best resources you have is a community. Here are some of the most popular user-based rentals and how they work: Airbnb is one of those most popular tools that people use to find quick rental properties. Located in Portland’s Historic Mississippi Neighborhood, this beautifully handcrafted tiny house features a ton of memorable details and high-quality finishes. Because it’s located at Skyfarm—an urban farm with chickens, goats, and a pig—guests also get to enjoy a part of Los Angeles that tourists often miss. How Many People Can Stay in a Tiny House? Tiny houses are a perfect example of glamping done right. Kiah is a sustainability coach who is dedicated to intentional, sustainable living and the role we can play in improving the environment for future generations. We may earn a commission when you buy through our links. Morten teaches that on his YouTube Channel. Where can I rent a tiny house? Just like any other accommodations, the cost of renting a tiny house depends largely on its location. As the tiny house movement grows in the United States, more places are welcoming tiny living, including Western North Carolina, which has caught on to the tiny house movement. This may take some negotiating on your part, but if the owner is willing, you can strike a deal! But, how do you find a great long term rental for a tiny house? For example, a larger tiny house with a full bathroom is likely to cost more than one with outdoor facilities. The cost per night is roughly $77, and two guests can stay at a time. Acony Bell Tiny Home Community is located on the Ale Trail, ten minutes from Oskar Blues Brewery, 15 minutes from Sierra Nevada Brewing, and 25 minutes to Asheville. This way you can ask around to see what rental properties may be available. User-based platforms have changed the way that we access the things we need in life. The 20-foot long rental measures 200 square feet and makes the most of the space with comfortable seating, a beautiful kitchen, and a bathroom with a compost toilet and spacious shower.