A gathering of only a few of these speckled, iridescent-black birds isn’t a very alluring sight—particularly in North America, where these birds … Video Bird lovers expected to flock to watch murmuration of starlings. It's completely breathtaking to witness. The Science Of Starling Murmuration : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture There's a science to the coordinated flight of starlings, says anthropologist Barbara … When a flock turns in unison, it’s a phase transition. A murmuration of starlings is an amazing sight - a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above. It's basically a mass aerial stunt - thousands of birds all swooping and diving in unison. Perhaps you’ve seen this amazing video: Wired Magazine described murmuration like this: “Each starling in a flock is connected to every other. Would you pull over your car just to watch some starlings? The starlings in a murmuration seem to be connected together. They twist and turn and change direction at a moment’s notice. But the second rule dictates that a starling must maintain a certain pattern of light and dark in its field of vision. Photo collage: European Starling by simonglinn via Birdshare; murmuration photo by ad551 via Creative Commons. PUBLISHED: 09:40 24 November 2018 | UPDATED: 10:25 24 November 2018 Greta Levy A “murmuration” of starlings, as this phenomenon is known, must be one of the most magical, yet underrated, wildlife spectacles on display in winter. Fly at the same speed, to stay close to your neighbours, and avoid obstacles. Only three simple rules enough to generate these synchronized flight patterns.