(It’s between your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead.) If you want your body to be strong and healthy, you’ve got to swim or run or do something to keep fit. The ECK teachings recognize a historical lineage of spiritual teachers known as the ECK Masters, some of whom you may already know. Verses 3 and 4 of the same chapter say that praying for people is something good and acceptable in the sight of our Savior God, since He desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth. Spiritual integration is a prominent theme of the Exercises: integration of contemplation and action, prayer and service, and emotions and reason. When we turn from everything else to our spirit by praying to the Lord within, we experience God’s mercy and grace, even grace for our particular situation. Being forgiven and cleansed by confessing our sins is something we can and should experience throughout our Christian life. All the characteristic themes of Ignatian spirituality are grounded in the Exercises. It takes time to build confidence and trust in your ability. Thank the Lord that we can experience so much by prayer! Lord, I pray that he would believe in You. Lord, forgive me for what I just did. dotMagis Posts About the Spiritual Exercises, http://www.loyolapress.com/authors/vinita-hampton-wright, Seven Ways to Use the Imagination in Prayer, Ignatian Gratitude: Encounter and Response. Orientations for Spiritual Growth Canadian Jesuit Web site founded by John Veltri, SJ, and now maintained by Jean-Marc Laporte, SJ. Receive e-mails when new posts are published to dotMagis, the blog of IgnatianSpirituality.com. Prayer is an essential component for believers in Christ. The book of Spiritual Exercises is a handbook to be used by the director, not by the person making the retreat. Take a playful atttitude to developing your abilities… have fun exploring yourself and our multi-dimensional world! But how can we? This is what you ought to be working for. Spend about twenty minutes on it. Gain prophetic insights into daily living. Home → Metaphysics → Developing Psychic Ability → Exercises for Psychic Development. Third week. What Are the Spiritual Exercises? We reflect on Scripture passages: Christ’s birth and baptism, his sermon on the mount, his ministry of healing and teaching, his raising Lazarus from the dead. If you are new to The Spiritual Exercises, click here. Learn the secrets of tuning in to inner guidance. So many of our clients and visitors write to us about being blocked… no matter how hard they meditate, or how much they practice, they say they can’t get anything… our first reaction is to tell them to lighten up, to stop working so hard, relax, let it come… if you will trust that you imagination knows what it’s doing… and learn to PLAY with your abilities, you will find it much easier to gain strength… laughter, an attitude of play and joy in any psychic work are essential to your success…to staying clear, to allowing the insights to come……. We come forward to the throne of grace in our spirit through prayer. MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL, and VAIRAGI, among others, are trademarks of ECKANKAR, PO Box 2000, The… Warm Regards Lina, © 2012 The Psychic Well, owned and operated by Global Psychics, is proudly powered by WordPress | Entries (RSS) It takes time to build confidence and trust in your ability. First week. Regular daily practice is the key to success. These spiritual exercises link you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is seen as Light and heard as Sound. YES UNLIMITED LLC. Enjoy monthly highlights from IgnatianSpirituality.com, brief articles on Ignatian spirituality themes, and more. When our friends, relatives, or coworkers are having difficulties, we can come to God in prayer on their behalf. The inner Light is a beacon to light our way. The sooner we confess our sins in prayer, the sooner we can be forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and enjoy sweet fellowship with the Lord once more.