Kids will enjoy the fun formats while they practice some important language skills. Help your child learn weather words with this climate-themed word search. 1st Grade Spelling Worksheets. The simple and bright look of this sight words game will help your child on the way to being a reading super star. The wolf jumped from the bed and tried to catch Little Red Riding Have some Halloween fun that doesn't involve candy with this treat of a word search! Good luck. 1st Grade. Find these words in the word search which These are geared towards kids at the 1st grade spelling level. Kids choose the correct blend from the boxes and write it to complete the word. Looking for a worksheet to help your child with homophones? Horizontal Word Hunt (A-1) FREE. Each picture in this worksheet is missing the first three letters of its name. Spelling worksheets for grade 1. Consistent practice with our spelling worksheets will help them build familiarity with words so they will recognize them in print. We have hundreds of kids craft ideas, kids worksheets, printable activities for kids and more. Cross them off as you find them! Using the words from the chart above, choose the opposite. Our spelling worksheets reinforce phonics and word analysis skills so that first graders can build their recognition of word patterns, word beginnings and endings, silent letters, and more. In the chart pick the words which are the same as the first Spelling worksheets: find the correct word. Frankenstein needs to be colored! We have tons of free printable spelling worksheets for kids. We've created an easy to use set of spelling words that takes students through and entire year of spelling. Get into the fall spirit with this fun worksheet that lets kids practice reading and writing Halloween sentences using first grade sight words. Our spelling worksheets reinforce phonics and word analysis skills so that first graders can build their recognition of word patterns, word beginnings and … Language Arts > Spelling Worksheets > Grade 1. pick the colors. In their best handwriting, students write each spelling word two times. Look for your color words in the shape of a ___________________? This fill-in-the-bubble test is a great way to help kids familiarize with standardized testing. Similar: Trace and write words Missing letters Check out the two worksheets featured here, then scroll to the bottom of the page for additional first grade spelling resources. Use this journal page to help your child identify what they are grateful for using pictures and early writing skills. She will strengthen her vocabulary by matching pictures to words. This worksheet includes primary-ruled paper. Using sight words, help your beginning reader master words that start with the letter "E". Worksheets for 1st Grade These worksheets for 1st grade will provide your early learners with some fun spelling practice! > Children learn to recognize sight words in this playful Halloween-themed bingo activity. Your kid's vocabulary will expand as he learns spooky new words. Practice your words three times each: fun funny wet what when where how who give party pretty. fast as you can and make a list! Say the numbers aloud while you finish this puzzle. Use this list of words that start with "ch" to generate your phonics lesson plan! Many of our 1st grade lists have a theme, which makes them fun for kids. Let him search through these hidden camping-themed words. Find as many words, including number words, as word. This is a great way to learn patterns and word finds. The following collection of activity sheets will help your students practice their spelling skills. When first grade students have a firm grasp on letters and their corresponding sounds, they can decode words in print and write with more ease, as they do not have to stop and determine the correct spelling of words. Print this to go with the previous sheet.