The AI in the game will crash into walls, go the wrong way, or basically stop driving. To qualify for the World Grand Prix, the player must have two teammates and a Class Super A License, earned by finishing top 6 in every race of each license tier: C, B, and A, respectively. As an example, one of the 100 stamps requires completing the player's picture album. Stamps - You can earn stamps in the game. The worker in the Q's Factory informs the player that he or she may become president, if lucky enough to win the World Grand Prix. Infected - There is a cop car that is infected. An abandoned theme park with sharp turns, and a lot of deserted areas and plazas. To build up My City, the player must talk to many different cars throughout the world and find those interested in starting a new life or building new homes or shops. The car will drive on a frictionless trail, driving at top speed and seamlessly avoiding obstacles. Rewards will be given to you if you have played Road Trip Adventure 1 before (Applies only for the European version of the PS4 game). Probably the weirdest location in the game. This item gives you luck, and makes you feel safe. Try your best not to be eliminated and hold it off for as long as possible to win. Money is central to Road Trip Adventure, as it is necessary to purchase most parts. The biggest highway in the world. You get points based on your final race position. Purchase the 1967 Ford GT40, the 1995 Ford GT90, and the 2006 Ford GT. You can also create, edit, and publish tracks you have made so the whole world can see. Here, you can configure the game's settings to your liking. Whoever crosses the finish line first when time runs out will be the winner. Items you have found go here. Saturation - Set to 0, it means that it's completely black and white. You are able to race with tracks made by yourself or the community, or tracks made by the game. The list is too big, so I'll show only 50 vehicles. A very prestigious endurance race locked on to the hardest difficulty, including full simulated damage and agressive opponents. Road Trip Adventure 2 is a three-way combination of a racing game, a party game, and an RPG game, better known as a "CarPG" game. Development of this game began in 2003 when The Apex Team were working on extremely early concept art for Road Trip Adventure 2. The car's tires will pop, making it more difficult to control on high-traction terrains, like asphalt. Special items put on your Choro Q. A 3 lap race against multiple racers competing for the fastest time around a track. The International Formula Bureau (IHRB) will be involved; armored vehicles will be engaged and military helicopters will shoot missiles at you until your car is destroyed. A bottle of nitrous that savagely increases your acceleration as well as forcing up your top speed at will. Supercars capable of +180 mph that were manufactuered in Europe. Do not use any weapons and otherwise drive cleanly in one race. The car turns completely black as it floats and fades away. This is where the player joins his first race, Blue Hills Raceway. The longer the pursuit is, and the more damage you do, the more agressive the police will become. Assuming that this is a place where you are able to make fanmade video games and films without being judged upon, I decided to make a page about Road Trip Adventure, a sequel to the 2002 video game of the same name. There are some cheats that can aid the player in the game. Please band together and bring back a masterpiece nostalgia brought to so many throughout the years. This pack includes 4 tracks based off of real world grand prix circuits. There is a British translator that drives next to him since Sebastian only speaks French. Road Trip Adventure, also known as Road Trip or Choro Q HG 2 (often mislabeled as Road Trip: Arcade Edition[1]), is a racing adventure video game for the PlayStation 2 developed by E-game (but commonly credited to Takara). Pictures - All pictures that you have taken in the game will be put here. DGU stands for Dekagram Units. Another important stamp entails collecting all 100 Choro Q coins hidden in the cities around the world (with the exception of Cloud Hill). Sudden Death Knockout Race - A timed variation of Knockout Race. Road Trip Adventure 2 is the first racing game to be released on an 8th generation console. There are probably numerous good teammates on Road Trip, but here are a few of the better ones. If a car had 880 hp, it should go up to 200 mph with normal transmission. He is a multicolored modified Citroen C4, and is a great all-arounder. There are 10 different locations in the RTA2 world. There are approximately 230 different cars to be shown in the game. The game is based on Takara’s Choro Q racing car toys, also known as Penny Racers in the west. Assuming that this is a place where you are able to make fanmade video games and films without being judged upon, I decided to make a page about Road Trip Adventure, a sequel to the 2002 video game of the same name. A long track with many shortcuts and alternate paths with some hazards inside a manufactuering plant, on a large floating island. The song suddenly stops and turns into a dark orchestral score when 5 black cars arrive about to hit the Corvette, before the scene ends. Transmission pieces allow the car to go faster and raise the top speed. Passing a checkpoint gives you 5 more seconds. Sepia - The simulation of aging to the human eye. Quirky and hyperactive supercars capable of +225 mph. No gameplay was shown, but clips of the original RTA1 were presented. This costed approximately 3.43 gigabytes of free space. The 7 last players to cross the finish line will be eliminated. Demolition Derby - A battle in an arena. Road Trip Adventure 2 is a 2014 Playstation exclusive video game developed by The Apex Team and the second installment to the Road Trip Adventure series. At that level, there should be about 10 cops on your trail. Dr. Yoshi Takara is a Japanese scientist and inventor. The birthday edition includes 5 cars with a special Birthday Cake livery. It allows you to make racetracks, play online, interract with townspeople (or townscars) and more. If a car had huge power usage, it would waste 3 pints of fuel in a minute even at a standstill. Whoever crosses the finish line first when time runs out will be the winner. Yellow Blur (Real name is Keith Hudson) is a yellow Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The sporty kind of chassis that is a LITTLE TEENSY WEENSY BIT lighter than the last one. Q tells the player to win several qualifier events to be fully registered into the ECS. This is a gamemode where you drive sports cars made in the 1960s through 7 eras of racing: the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, 2000s, and today.