2. Like. READ MORE: Hospital bag checklist – what to pack for the birth. Don’t like what you hear for your chosen place of birth? You can always have a look at Which for details. This includes your booking visit, which should be carried out by 10 weeks of pregnancy. July 03, 2017. Not all of the questions will apply to you and you will no doubt have extra questions that are specific to your situation or preferences. Here's what you need to know as you choose where to have your baby. And don’t forget you need to travel back home, so make sure you’ll be safe to do so. Your Midwife should also be able to signpost you to local support if feeding your baby doesn’t get to plan and you can always check out the mindful breastfeeding school for online courses and please don’t beat yourself up if that’s the case. You have to flex it. There is a saying up north ‘shy bairns get nowt’….But I understand how hard it can be sometimes so I have put together a list of 10 questions to get you started. 28 weeks is the official start of the third trimester! Food risks are low, but it’s good to be aware of what you should be careful eating. Don't be shy - if it makes you feel better then ask away! Are you keen to breastfeed your baby? But the more information you give your care provider the better they can prepare you for the months ahead. *during the lockdown measures in place due to COVID-19, only one birth partner is allowed in most UK hospitals.*. Be sure to ask specifically about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates if you have had a previous c-section . For example is their title CNM, CM, CPM, etc. Reduce caffeine – less than 200mg per day is the current recommendation (about two cups of coffee or tea a day). Not forgetting logistical stuff like parking etc. Whether its your first pregnacy, or you’ve been down this road a number of times, you’ll have lots of questions to ask your midwife during your pregnancy. This all boils down to you feeling in control and for me asking questions is imperative to you making informed, confident choices about your care. Not sure where you want to birth? clients; whether they decide to take the hospital antenatal classes or not. The following checklist suggests questions that you might ask your obstetrician or midwife. Despite there being all the evidence to back up the amazing, of continuity of care for women and their carer, the NHS isn’t currently in the position to support it. Liz Halliday, midwife at Private Midwives, advises on the midwife questions you should ask when you become pregnant. You might also try eating smaller meals more regularly or snacking on some crackers or fruit between meals. Not sure where you want to birth? Copyright © 2020 Peace, Love and Birth | All rights reserved |. When can I book a tour of the birth centre/hospital? Despite there being all the evidence to back up the amazing benefits of continuity of care for women and their carer, the NHS isn’t currently in the position to support it. However, rates do vary considerably between providers, so it’s always worth doing a little research around your options before you book with care with a provider. Most women will be offered the following: At around 20 to 22 weeks, you should be offered a detailed anomaly scan, which shows your baby is healthy and looks at where your placenta is situated. This is a great question for your peace of mind and knowing there is ALWAYS someone for you to talk to if you need them. Terms & Conditions | My top 30 interview questions to ask when hiring a birth doula. A dating scan between 10 and 12 weeks, where markers for Downs Syndrome can also be checked. First, learn as much as you can about all your choices. If the answer is yes then you there are things you can do beforehand to prepare you and your partner for the experience. Just like what you would look for in any healthcare provider, you will want to have a professional by your side that you can trust and feel comfortable with. You are within your rights to change. I hear you loud and clear, I recall for the most part of my pregnancy just showing up to my midwife appointments and my only burning question was “is everything OK?”. For first-time mothers, between 10 and 11 appointments are recommended. Ask questions if you want to know more or don't understand something. It’s ALWAYS best to mention it to your midwife; even if it’s your next appt. Hospitals in the UK usually offer free antenatal classes; they will vary in what’s covered but it’s a great way to get to know the ins and outs for that hospital/birth centre, how they do things there and an opportunity to ask any burning questions you have. This is dependent on your chosen place of birth. There are some areas of the world that are not advisable to travel to, after the recent Zika virus concerns you may want to consider staying away from the South American countries affected. Like what you read here? At 28 weeks, you should be offered a repeat haemoglobin test to check your iron levels and any antibodies in your blood. What is your training? What inspired you to become a midwife? Finally, travel sickness bands can work really well for some women, as can acupressure and acupuncture. Your doctor or midwife will ask you lots of questions like this at your first appointment. Tomorrow I will be meeting my midwife for the first time! Don’t like what you hear for your chosen place of birth? Questions to Ask a Midwife. Blood screening tests for genetic disorders, such as Downs Syndrome, are offered around this time, too. 13/05/14. for online courses and please don’t beat yourself up if that’s the case. Receive the free monthly editor’s newsletter, which includes competitions, news, parenting tips, pregnancy advice, and more, © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | Every woman and pregnancy is different, so some women need access to more appointments with their midwife than the recommended amount. 10 Common Midwife Questions and Answers How often do I need to see my midwife during pregnancy? To me, informed decision making is the key to this and, bonus points it to help you feel more in control. Here are the must-ask questions for this exciting milestone in your pregnancy: What can I expect in terms of symptoms for the third trimester? Not forgetting logistical stuff like parking etc. Add a comment. Ask the midwife: How many appointments will I have? Check out a couple of places and see what feels right for you. Having your waters broken involves a vaginal examination and the medical professional will then break your water sack with a crochet hook like device. What equipment do you bring to my home in case of a medical emergency? What sort of training did she receive? I was wondering what questions I should ask my mid wife. Hyperemesis is not normal, and you should speak to your health care provider if you think you are experiencing these symptoms. Bexxie1. Often drinking large quantities at a time can upset your stomach further. Foods high in vitamin A (such as liver) should not be consumed frequently, and avoid vitamins with vitamin A as high blood levels can cause problems for your baby. What happens if your midwife can’t attend your birth? Why Ask Questions to Interview My OB GYN or Midwife? For healthy second-time mothers who did not have a previous c-section, the rates varied from 79 per cent in hospital, 91 per cent in an alongside birth centre, 95 per cent in a freestanding birth centre and 96 per cent in a planned home birth. This increases to 63 per cent in a birth centre, 69 per cent in a planned home birth, and 71 per cent in a freestanding birth centre. Although it can be great for peace of mind at the moment. Although one of the common midwife questions, a lot of time it comes down to personal preference, logistics and your financial situation. The only way to guarantee continuity of care is if you opt for a home birth, work with private midwives, or choose to work with a. If you want a VBAC, ask your doctor or midwife these questions. Even if it wasn’t what you wanted. Here's a list of 20 third trimester pregnancy questions to ask your doctor or midwife when you go in for your next visit. Not sure where to start? LinkedIn. That sets you in good stead if you are faced with more challenging decisions later on and need to ask questions then. Absolutely. When can I call my midwife?