AtlusKoei TecmoOmega Force Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is an action-RPG set in the Shin Megami Tensei Persona universe and featuring one-against-many battle mechanics created by Omega Force. However, a while back, its King and its head researcher Shuzo Ubukata lost his sanity, then committed suicide by jumping off a cliff when a greater power told him to hand out his desires, leaving the Jail without a ruler. One of the cheapest ways they could make some quick cash would be to release their games on more platforms. It turns out that Shibuya is being overlaid by a Metaverse structure known as a "Jail," which is abused by its ruler to mesmerize an entire population. I want the main game and not a spin off. Pese a ello, ¿podemos hacernos ya ilusiones? Nintendo gamers want games too! The Change of Hearts were actually performed by overwriting all other desires with the one true desire, and it was a default ability on the application even before Ubukata and Konoe meddled with it. EDIT: Looks like it was fake news @Liam_Doolan I see ToG all over here in SG and was really surprised article said they were from Pakistan. You can't expect us to play a sequel to a game that isn't even on our console. However, Akane refuses to hear Zenkichi's pleas, being engrossed in Konoe's savior complex. Persona 5 ha ayudado a la saga a establecerse con mucha notoriedad dentro del panorama de juegos de Atlus, ya que ha pasado de un ambiente nicho con Persona 4 ha ser inmensamente popular. Esta los invita a escribir una palabra clave en una nueva aplicación de navegación, que los termina enviando al metaverso. i'm probably gonna get SMT III Remastered first to prep for SMT V, especially since Age of Calamity I've had way more fun with gameplay wise, so far from playing both demos. Japan Transactial Ltd, Regus House, Harcourt Centre, D02 HW77, Dublin, Ireland - RN IE664195, Simplemente pones el código y automáticamente ya lo tienes. En otras tiendas, como la pakistaní Toy or Game o Qisahn en Singapore dan incluso una fecha exacta de lanzamiento: 23 de febrero de 2021. Genial, Recibir un e-mail cuando se reponga el stock. Didn't know who Joker was until he was announced for smash. P5S Character Design Documents (48 pages), A behind-the-scenes video of the theme song (1 Blu-ray). During that night, Lavenza appears as the Velvet Room's sole resident and warns him of a "potential calamity" that may happen to the "future he took back.". The voices that only Sophia can hear also return. Yeah Europe gets the short end of the stick regardless I guess lmaoI bet P5 coming out day and date with North America was probably a godsend in that case. @faint Great, I hope you enjoy it! Back at the Madicce headquarters, Konoe asks EMMA for ways to catch the Phantom Thieves. , PS4, Fecha de lanzamiento: Said promised land is actually the Jail of the Abyss, which takes the form of an area resembling the Depths of Mementos. By the time The Phantom Strikers does eventually find its way onto our shores, I really do hope that all the hype for – and fans enjoyment of – Age of Calamity helps it to sell more units, rather than have the opposite affect and leave players feeling burned out by all that Musou and end up skipping the game altogether. Los idiomas de Corea y China, ya que también forman parte del Region 3 de Persona 5 Scramble, se lanzaron el pasado 18 de junio. I’ll probably pick it up. Or are they just pissed that Breath of the Wild took the win that year? The city blacks out and a massive tree of light sprouts out from the tower, melding the Metaverse with the real world once again with an Eden-like structure, the Tree of Life and Wisdom. @N8tiveT3ch this to me looks like a full sequel more than a spin off gameplay has a cool mechanic where it freezes the game and pits it into a RPG menu very cool. DELETE THIS GAME IT OFFENDS ME!!". The real Konoe confesses during the next day and ends service of the EMMA application. Despite initial doubts among the group, Ryuji accidentally speaks the keyword of the Jail. @TheFrenchiestFry @ChaosBadger777 Don't mind me I'm just here trollin' Persona fans. Just saying hyrule warriors age of calamity feels more line really fast breath of the wild and it's more of a prequel than a spin off so maybe give this a chance then again if you hate warriors games play the demo because it still has a fair amount of that lol, All I want on my switch is Persona 5 I don't even care if it's not royal or if it's 60$ I will pay anything Atlus literally anything for a P5 switch port just give it to me already. Acerca de Nosotros A 13,800 yen Limited Edition called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersTreasure Box includes the following additional content: 1. The EMMA application greets the party to the "Promised Land" and automatically drags them in with the Metaverse Navigator. The protagonist will be able to collect Personas as drops from defeating enemies in battle, and fusing them in the Velvet Room. Been playing them since the ps2. Bring me main game Persona amd I'm excited. Because of the Phantom Thieves' insistence, EMMA manages to bait and trap all party members with a heavily distorted Shadow Akane with all her negative traits flanderized. They are leaving millions upon millions of dollars on the table simply because they refuse to put their games on other platforms. Perusona 5 Sukaranburu Za Fantomu Sutoraikāzu Both have The Phantom Strikers launching on 23rd February next year. They have NO idea how to market games outside Japan. No sale. Introduce un correo electrónico válido, lo necesitarás para identificarte, La contraseña debe tener al menos seis caracteres, Por favor, introduce tu fecha de nacimiento, Debes aceptar los términos y la política de privacidad. Mantendremos tus datos privados y nunca venderemos tu información para uso comercial. Varias cadenas de almacenes en Indonesia han listado una versión en inglés de Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers para PlayStation 4 y Nintendo Switch.Una de estas tiendas es PS Enterprise, la cual afirmó en su página en Facebook que listó la secuela de Persona 5 por que su proveedor confirmó que el título llegaría en el 2021. Owada, being accompanied with a National Police Agency head brainwashed by Konoe, bribes Kaburagi with a security bureau head seat into arresting the Phantom Thieves when they are enjoying free time in a nearby hot springs resort, and she reluctantly goes along. A 13,800 yen Limited Edition called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Treasure Box includes the following additional content: Valentine's Day artwork of Sophia and Morgana (, Artwork of Morgana and Futaba celebrating, Morgana Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), CaptainKidd Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Ann & Carmen Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Makoto & Johanna Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Futaba & Necronomicon Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Zenkichi Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Valjean Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), Zenkichi & Valjean Release Date Wallpaper (576x1024), 【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 ザ・スクランブル「モルガナ(CV.大谷育江)」紹介動画, 【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 ザ・スクランブル「坂本竜司(CV.宮野真守)」紹介動画, 【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 ザ・スクランブル「ソフィア(CV.久野美咲)」紹介動画, 【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 スクランブル「長谷川善吉(CV.三木眞一郎)」紹介動画, 【P5S 旅するモルガナ通信 1】新ストーリーと新キャラに迫る!華麗なアクションにも注目!【渋谷編】, Traveling Morgana Newsletter #1 (11/4/2019), Traveling Morgana Newsletter #2 (11/26/2019), 【P5S 旅モナ 3】北の大地、札幌へ!ベルベットルームについても大特集!【札幌編】, Traveling Morgana Newsletter #3 (12/17/2019), 【P5S 旅モナ 4】憧れのリゾート、沖縄へ!新システム"料理"や"リクエスト"について大特集!【沖縄編】, Traveling Morgana Newsletter #4 (1/10/2020), 【P5S 旅モナ 5】最終回!今回は大阪、京都を大調査!そして新キャラ「長谷川善吉」の最新情報も…!【大阪編】, Traveling Morgana Newsletter #5 (1/27/2020). After hijacking a Madicce zeppelin to shower Osaka with their calling cards, Konoe seems unaffected, only to be angered as EMMA refuses to tell him if the Thieves are done for, which makes him realize that the Phantom Thieves are on his tail. The sequel to the international smash-hit Persona 5 (3.2 million copies world-wide) is now available as the series’ first action RPG! You put Joker in Smash which GREATLY increases the franchises popularity and interest and they you COMPLETELY WASTE 2 years of consumer hype and interest in the franchise...AFTER putting out several surveys which show EXTREME interest in the franchise being available outside of just one platform. The Holy Torah briefly greets them and vanishes, followed by Kuon Ichinose appearing in front of the party, exposing herself as the mastermind. His cooperation with Owada is also a ruse, and he planned on changing his heart once the Phantom Thieves were done for. My God It's no wonder they are currently having financial issues, Having played Persona 5 and royal on PS4 already I highly doubt I will buy it again for the switch. I love how people complain about P5 is not on the Switch, when this is not a new thing for developers to do. GamerFocus SAS. I know someone who worked on the localisation it is coming. Once they confront him in his Jail, Shadow Konoe announces the details of his "Operation Oracle". Aliasing DMCC, Unit 1204, JBC3, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE - RN DMCC179752 Would definitely be a first day buy, because it’s in my birthday month for the leaked release date! Por lo demás es el mando estándar inalámbrico para PlayStation 4. Como tal, esta versión del juego estaría publicada por Sega Asia y no Atlus West.