Smoky roasted tomatillos and chicken mesh with the zing of lime and fresh cilantro to make unforgettable and easy-to-make tacos for weeknights or whenever. Although they You’re sure to find new favorite Mexican food recipes here! I got this recipe from my friends mom who owns a Mexican Bakery. We actually thought there might be too much cinnamon in there, but once you get it on the chile relleno, it really mellows out. Tasty baked tortilla crisps you make at home. Often times things I create end up in a bowl, hence the name Bowl Me Over! The flavor of this is perfect! From Sangria to Enchiladas and everything in between! I’ve never had any leftovers at the end of any party – you definitely need to put this one your list! Unsubscribe at any time. Am I missing anything? Simple to do and it makes a HUGE difference in flavor! When it comes to Mexican party food ideas, it starts right here! I'm currently living in Germany where there are bread shops at every corner but of course they are German bakes. This is an easy recipe for a quick and easy smashed Guacamole Dip! The recipe for Authentic Posole is the BEST I’ve ever tried and the Green Chili Chicken Posole has delicious flavor also. Always. Frying the tortillas gave them texture and developed the flavor better. ", “A fresh guacamole base, great to start with and add what you want!”, "These are so delicious. You (and your stomach) can thank us later! I grew up in Mexico, and this recipe tastes like the one that I used to eat during my childhood. We will make it often! If there was one, that is what I would give this recipe. A delicious twist for anyone who enjoys beans. ", "This is an excellent dish with great flavors — perfect for those hot, sultry summer evenings. Whoops! « Grandma Bertha’s Homemade Butter Cookies, This blog earns income from sponsored content, Gooey White Queso Dip Recipe with Chorizo, Not quite sure how to get the party started? Mexican Sweet Corn is one of the BEST side dishes! ", "Oh wow! Did you get some Mexican Party Food Ideas here? We really liked these. So great! Plus, all of your private notes can now be found directly on the recipe page under the directions. ", "Absolutely the best refried beans ever! You'll notice that Recipe Box is now called SAVES and your recipes are organized in COLLECTIONS. I started to marinate the chicken after work, did some other house work and by the time I was done, I just fried them up quickly and they tasted delicious! Dulce de leche is always a great choice for desserts. ", "Very nice sauce, and easy! ", "I make this ALL the time. I loved the spiciness from the chili powder, and the smokiness of the cumin. We won't send you spam. ", "This was the most delicious cornbread I have ever eaten. ", "These enchiladas are very simple to put together, delicious and very cheesy! ", "If you like tacos, I think you'll like this recipe. It doesn’t take but a few seconds each side and that char? There are not enough positive words to describe this cake. This is so easy to make and tastes SO good! Where is the 10-star button? It makes the meat a soft fine texture. Really moist & flavorful. When I was 8, I spent a fair amount of time in Florence, Wisconsin. She introduced me to pasty’s and I’ve been a fan ever since As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have a ton of Mexican party food ideas here! This is a pretty good recipe! Fresh chopped tomatoes work nicely blended into a classic guacamole. Crunch and delicious these can be a meal or an appetizer, 10 minutes of prep and an afternoon in the slow cooker will yield these, Fajitas are always perfect for a party, right? Either goat or lamb shoulder will work in this deeply spiced braise, a traditional Mexican recipe from the state of Jalisco. Here’s an easy, creamy delicious recipe – my Guacamole combines avocados, cream cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro. Serve with warm tortillas, cilantro, and lime wedges. Roasted garlic adds so much complexity and a haunting sweetness that plays off tangy tomatillos. If you have a moment, please take a moment and comment below. The house smelled so good while it was simmering! Stumped for dinner? ", "Everyone loved these at our Cinco de Mayo party. Easy recipes and delicious food, let’s get this party started! Five minutes to make and you have a party! I used the white and brown rice from my previous chinese dinner and made it into this for my burritos. ", "This was an easy and delicious salad. ", "This has so much flavor, but isn't overwhelmingly sweet. Whether you're having a Mexican fiesta with margaritas and nibbles, or a sit-down dinner party, we have loads of Mexican party food ideas to consider.