The notable alumni section could use a lot of cleaning up. School Counselors, William P. Gerberding ’51, President Emeritus, University of Washington, David C. Hodge ’70, President, Miami University of Ohio, Fred Swaniker ’99, founder African Leadership Academy, twice honored by President Obama, Peter Berg ’84, director, actor, producer, Danai Gurira ’01, actor, (zombie-killer Michonne in, Seth Lind ’01, director, comedian, and Director of Operations of the podcast, Carl Lumbly ’73, actor, starred in the show, Shawn Lawrence Otto ’81, author, filmmaker, and screenwriter and co-producer of the movie, Kerry Alexander ’12, cofounder of indie pop band Bad Bad Hats, Siah Armajani ’63, Iranian-born American sculptor, designed the 1996 Olympic Torch for the summer games, Duane Hanson ’46, American sculptor best known for his photorealistic human figures, Gary Hines ’74, founder of Grammy Award-winning Sounds of Blackness, Chris Hoge ’12, cofounder of indie pop band Bad Bad Hats. In general, Macalester is a good, small college. Dominika Seblova ’11  Nancy E. Lane ’71  • Laurence BonJour – philosopher at the University of Washington Whatever path you are on, we are here for you. Katie Ladas 1600 Grand AvenueSaint Paul, MN 55105-1899 USA Update your email in MacDirect to make sure you never miss an issue. Ward ’76, former Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey when 9/11 Memorial was created, Kristine Holmgren ’75, Presbyterian pastor and author of, James B. Nelson ’51, UCC minister who taught in the U.S. and at Oxford and Cambridge, ground-breaking writing on sexuality and advocacy for LGBT people, Stanley Berry ’75, researcher, teacher, practitioner in high-risk pregnancies, Edie Bragg-Harmon ’66 longtime activist for the California desert environment, particularly Indian lands threatened by toxic gold mining, Louisa Chapman ’75, medical epidemiologist, Captain U.S. Public Health Service, addressed hantavirus, smallpox, anthrax, West Nile and Hurricane Katrina issues, Christy Haynes ’98 chemistry professor; one of, Paul Huttner ’85, chief meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio. One of the things that makes Mac special is its location in the Twin Cities, nearly directly between two downtown areas, which is a direct contrast to otherwise similar schools. Bamarty 10:26, 28 … Big Questions: Will anything be the same after COVID? Decision, Financial Gretchen Wolf Burgess ’02  Use MacDirect. Macalester will always continue to evolve to meet the current needs of students, but the spirit of Macalester remains steady. Update your email in MacDirect to make sure you never miss an issue. Whether you are a student or celebrating your 70th Reunion, you feel that drive to question the status quo, to discover everything there is to discover, to see the world bigger than you thought possible, to feel a deep passion around helping our communities, and to view life with an inclusive lens. Macalester is a feeder for postgraduate degrees: 60 percent of Macalester alumni pursue one within three years of graduation. I think the list of alumni on the main page should include maybe 10 people in a neatly organized bullet point list. We invite you to explore the different ways to engage with the Macalester community. Macalester College is a private institution that was founded in 1874. Sharon Sayles Belton ’73, Mayor of Minneapolis (1994–2001); attorney. Families, U.S. 651-696-6000. Kurt A. Schwabe ’88, Europe Alumni Gathering With President Rivera.