There are many new homeowners who take advantage of lock rekeying rather than lock replacement, especially when they are satisfied with the overall security that their locks might provide. For those living in a low-cost city, cost will be a little bit less. Rekeying vs. Fired your cleaning crew or no longer need that house sitter? See what I did there? Best Video Doorbells of 2020 - Locksmith Recommended. This is usually the starting point for the most basic locks. If you don’t have the existing key, the locks can still be rekeyed but it will cost slightly more as it will take longer to perform the rekey. Sometimes, but only if you are buying new locks through them (they will rekey them to match one key). This is a much different factor than the complexity of the locks themselves. Yes, in some cases. The lock rekey process is usually carried out in lieu of undertaking a full-on lock replacement or lock repair. The varying nature of the locks also has to be taken into account. How much is a rekey? Essentially, if you need to change the locks on your doors for several different reasons, you shouldn’t neglect your security needs simply because you want to save a few dollars. Essentially, the total cost to rekey locks will be reflective of the number of locks that need to be rekeyed. If you call the locksmith to your home, you might also pay a trip fee of $50 to $100. Rekey vs Changing Locks - Which Costs Less? Plus the trip charge if the locksmith is not already out onsite. You save money when brought into a shop because you are providing the labor to remove and replace the lock on the door. This post will give you the information you need to understand the rekeying process, and the costs associated with it. The number of locks that have to be rekeyed also plays a huge role in the cost to rekey locks. Or, even better, support your local locksmith and they will get you all set with a padlock that works with your home key in one stop. If you found your way to this page, looking for an answer to “how much does it cost to rekey a house”, then I hope that the explanations above give you a clear answer or at least a starting point. If you buy, or have the right product, these can be rekeyed to match your house key. A lockout typically costs $80 to $100, whereas a rekey or lock change ranges from $100 to $200 on average. One of the added benefits to this system is that the home owner can rekey their own Smartkey locks for $0 (so long as you still have the current working key, and a small tool provided by Kwikset). Rekeying a door lock is the process of disassembling the lock cylinder and changing the pins inside so that the lock will operate using a different key than before. How much does it cost to rekey a lock? Over 1900 5-Star Rated, Verifiable Arizona Customer Reviews, Super Service Award Winner Eight Years Running, Selected as an Angie List Phoenix-Best Contractor, BBB International Marketplace Excellence Award Finalist, BBB Ethics Award Winner – The Only Locksmith to Ever Win this Award. Master key systems work in different ways, but they most commonly allow one key to open multiple locks or an entire system of locks. Here Are 10 Things I Did To Get Back In, 15 Best Security Cameras That Are Simple And Easy To Set-Up. I will make sure to explain the reasons why I say these elements should be viewed in terms of cost when you are trying to determine the cost to rekey locks. This is because of the expense to get a locksmith onsite which takes the form of a trip charge. Can I Rekey a Lock to Match an Existing Key? Lock Grading - ANSI Lock Grades Explained. Taking your locks into a locksmith shop for rekeying is a great low-cost option available to you if you: The cost to rekey a house lock cost about $13 per lock cylinder when brought to a lock shop with the existing key. These are great when you don’t want to track additional keys, such as with a side gate or shed. Actual quotes depend on the type of locksmith you need for the doors you can’t open. While a locksmith is at your house performing a rekey, have them take care of this too. The base cost for rekeying multiple locks starts at $19 as well when it is being handled by a professional locksmith. These additional costs include time and security, and they are all very important to the average homeowner. Vulnerabilities in mechanisms like locks have much farther reaching implications than one might initially think. doors and door locks to set up the groundwork of their physical security, deadbolt locks installed on your front door. Get the security you want. However, it should help to say that in the eyes of a locksmith, not many locks are considered complex. A lock cylinder is where you put a key into a keyhole. After all, the specifications that each homeowner might require for their lock rekeying process will vary. Bringing those same locks into a lock shop for rekeying would be just $78. There is also the possibility that you will have to buy a key decoder, which may or may not come with your rekeying kit. Take it into you local locksmith shop and they will rekey it to match your house key. Locksmith prices range from $75 to $250 for a car, and $75 to $200 for a house depending on if you need to open, rekey, or change door locks. A Lock Shop Will Rekey Your Locks CheaplyWhen it’s possible, the least expensive option is to bring the locks into a locally owned locksmith shop. It’s desirable to do this any time you feel that your keys may have been compromised, like the situations above, and it’s usually less expensive than buying new hardware. As I mentioned, the most basic locks will take very little time to rekey, especially if you are only rekeying one and if you are not setting up a master key system. If you can get the postman to open the box for you, just remove the lock and take it into a local locksmith shop. The rekey will be a little less expensive, because you will be doing the removal and reinstall of the hardware. You may have a high security lock system in place. In addition to this, the internal mechanisms for locks differ as well. After two doors, it’s again, always less expensive to rekey the home. The cost (lock and labor) to rekey/replace mailbox lock is around $40. Expect around $7 additional. This service charge can greatly depend on how far away the locksmith is located. Essentially, the process might be more complicated for some and less complicated for others. You can recognize this by the addition of a second small hole next to the keyhole. Commercial locks rekeying in the field typically costs from $20-35 per cylinder depending on the lock type. There are also some circumstances when the costs will be a little higher. In most cases, lock rekeying is a good alternative to lock replacement because it can potentially be a much cheaper option. If you live in a city with a high cost of living, your cost may be slightly higher. Due to the fact that all locks are different, the cost to rekey locks for a standard pin tumbler lock might be much different than the necessary cost to rekey a high-security mortise lock. This means that there is a high chance that each of the locks in their house are different so that they can serve different purposes. Each of these scenarios will add a moderate cost increase to your rekey, but most homes we go out to have the most common brands (Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, Baldwin are all popular), and these are fairly standard at the basic prices we’ve listed above. Many homeowners use doors and door locks to set up the groundwork of their physical security. However, most people that tend to have multiple locks rekeyed do not always want to have all these locks work with just one key. The locksmith uses several tools during this process to rekey locks, many of which we will discuss later. On average, a locksmith is going to have a minimum service charge that ranges anywhere from $35 to $75 to come to the house. Just order the keyway that matches your house key. For this price the locksmith will drill out the mailbox lock (when you don’t have a key) and replace the lock with a new lock. The typical cost of a key decoder ranges between $1 to $20. The rekeying process is directly reflected in the cost to rekey locks. Save up to $10 by scheduling non-emergency service online. How to Factory Reset Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolts, What to Do When You’ve Lost All of Your Car Keys, The Best Smart Locks of 2020 – Locksmith Recommended, Safe Combination Not Working – What to Try, Door Barricade Systems – How to Better Secure a Door from the Inside, 5 Easy Ways to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock, How to Clear Garage Door Opener Memory & Add Remotes, Schlage Encode Review – Locksmith’s Review, You’ll save the trip charge (the cost associated with getting a locksmith to your location), and. The main price differences between having a locksmith out to your home to rekey and bringing the locks to a lock shop occur because: Locksmith Pro Tip: When in doubt, take pictures at each step when removing the lock body from the door – this will help you replace the hardware properly! These are great for security, but the trade-off is a higher price for the keyblanks. Also, before you decide to handle this on your own or call a locksmith, you should take the time to figure out if a lock rekey is really the service that you need. You DO NOT need to replace the door hardware.