I'm Ronique and my goal is to "Let your Income Be Your Freedom" . Offline on Facebook on PC, Mobile Devices ? Take a look at global search trends on Google Trends over the last 5 years for the keyword biodegradable: This alone tells us that over the last 12-18 months, biodegradable products have become more popular. Fitness Niche - Market Link Fitness Niche This niche might seem popular but it is highly untapped. You could also create a directory website which lists all the relationship counsellors in your area and charge a fee to list them. Keep in mind this list of niches and product ideas for 2019 is simply a place to start your search for a niche market—you can always go in a completely different direction or find other niche opportunities within each category: Thank you! Enter your email address to get new posts, tips & tricks delivered direct to your email. But despite the demand, we don’t hear so much about non-food vegan products. Learn more about the current popular niches in the marketplace. You must be ready to study your target audience and understand the marketplace needs. There’s no doubt AI is a vast and growing industry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for products and services to enter the field and fulfil niche markets in the coming years. There are several niches in today's marketplace that offers huge money making potential but it is important to understand how to figure out the most profitable. There’s also an emergence of diets like the ketogenic diet which are becoming increasingly popular. There are thousands of untapped niche markets, but this is our list of the most profitable niches in 2019: 1. The entire point of the art is to make data as comprehensible as possible, to present it in the most easy-to-digest format.”. Sell products that helps people to learn a new language or skills. This is one of the best and highly profitable untapped niche in 2020. Within this niche, you could create an affiliate website that refers users to products or books to help manage their finances. Many people set goals to look younger and more attractive so they buy beauty care products that will make their skin radiant. Finding an untapped niche market is the first piece of the puzzle. Here’s an example of what we see in Google keyword finder when we search for toy sets: Google keyword finder found us 2,087 keyword ideas that we could potentially use to create our own micro niches. Renewable energy offers a high potential to make huge and extensive profit, so ensure you study the niche and the kind of products that will sell in the market. Looking at global search trends over the last 5 years in Google Trends, we can see an increase in volume for this keyword: The popularity of these diets come and go, but other dietary issues like celiac disease are very real to a lot of people. Even now, we’re seeing VR games like Vox Machinae disrupting the video game market. As you constantly seek ways to financial freedom in life, you will come up against challenges such as "deciding the niche market to choose". “Yes, you can design a chart. These people will go extra mile to get old items in the market or on the internet which has increased the need for retro products. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, more and more of us are coming to the realization that we need to think outside the box when it comes to paying the bills. Hi! We see nothing but growth in these untapped niche markets, so get in early whilst you still can. All Rights Reserved. However, it's rewarding to take a different approach by tapping into those neglected niches.