To sum up, the event was amazing. Formed and headed by Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, it arose in 1973 in the South Bronx and began to organize cultural events for youths combining local dance and music movements into what would become known as the various elements of Hip- Hop Culture. We have among us faculty who if their stories were told, would only add fuel to the fire burning within all of us who are truly committed to the goal of this student group. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. We sat down and listened to a speaker who had literally grown up with Hip-Hop; he would sneak out of his house as a child to go listen to it. The fabulous Professor Glover, who currently teaches African Civilizations at Lehman College, took students with her in order to dispell the myths about Africa. United States Military Academy, NY 12. has been busy. recognize Resource Mobilization as a sociological theory that forms part of the study of social movements. Theory #5: Take a Decisive Political Action. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Lehman College City University of New York, she has worked with publications such as Vogue, GQ, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Refinery29,, and New York Magazine. Myself, and my peers who attended the Summit, were not expecting much of an event. Lehman College’s 1st Annual Hip-Hop Summit. This year four Midwest schools made the top 20 of Forbes’ Top Colleges List overall, making a strong showing on the national list for the fourth year in a row. Policies | Theory #2: Organizing People with Similar Interests. We found out about the event from our African civilizations professor (Professor Glover) and decided to attend since we had some time to spare. In keeping with our belief that it will take a collaborative effort to improve our communities, we wish to work with not only other student groups/organizations but, also with the various departments and faculty-led organizations of Lehman College. Posted on October 28, 2013 Updated on October 28, 2013. These days, Margaret is focused on establishing herself as not only a staple in the music industry but also as a brand/figure for young women to look up to. The Lehman College Science Hall was the first CUNY building, Per the 2017-2018 final release data in IPEDS. The Full List Of Forbes' Top Colleges 2015. Attending the celebration turned out to be one of the highlights of my college career so far. The Student Lecture Series is envisioned as the bridge that links Lehman College students with faculty (who may be of differing disciplines) who may wish to research the same issue(s) but from different perspectives. The development of a newsletter addresses the fact that there are students who once they step foot off of this campus, they do not have internet access. He is trained as a jeweler and has an interdisciplinary art practice that incorporates aspects of photography printmaking and sculpture. The college is named after Herbert H. Lehman.He was a New York governor, United States senator, philanthropist, and the son of Lehman Brothers co-founder Mayer Lehman. We also have students who work on campus and their schedules do not allow them to attend many of the events and activities that they would like to. Send an e-mail to or call 718-960-8256. Out of the volumes of knowledge that came from a few spare minutes of commentary from the panel, what stuck out the most to me as a young minority in school, is the contributions of urban youth, that in time will yield the future of the nation as well as the future of Hip-Hop. 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Did you graduate from Lehman College with a major or minor in Art, Art History or CGI? Hip-Hop’s global reach and influence is in large part due to the UZN. Lehman College Achievements & USP Lehman College is the 3 rd highest mobility rate in the U.S among four-year public colleges. The Northeast continues to dominate the top of Forbes’ America’s Top Colleges list — over half of the top 20 schools are in the northeast, including all of the Ivy League institutions. I learned more about Hip-Hop as a whole and how it’s more than just today’s hottest rapper. Here's an alternative college return-on-investment ranking that uses a Marie Kondo approach. The hope is students will learn how to think critically and creatively about how to identify and create solutions for many of the problems facing our communities. Whether they got out of it as much as I did that day – I don’t know, but I believe it was good to expose them to such a program. And as we bear witness to Hip-Hop entering institutions of Higher Learning… So must its Foundation. Lehman College took it beyond that, helping us learn in an interactive environment with people young and old from all over the world, eliciting the cultural diffusion of Hip-Hop. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Most, if not all of the discussion topics pertained to the contemporary issues of Hip-Hop, some that went above and beyond the music and dance, breaching into other areas where the culture is present including, the recently attained government offices and the educational system. Mission The Career Exploration & Development Center (CEDC) assists Lehman students and alumni with all phases of their career development, to help them transition from college to career. History of Lehman College Lehman College was established as an independent unit of The City University of New York on July 1, 1968, following a decision by the University's Board of Trustees to create a comprehensive senior college in the Bronx with its own faculty, curriculum, and administration. While Amanda has worked primarily in the global fashion and news industries, her personal work focuses on self-knowledge through self portraiture. Dartmouth College, NH 15. We see this student group as not just a club located here on the Lehman College campus, but, one that will eventually prove to be the kind of program that CUNY embraces and sees the value of.