No Replies Log in to reply +2. 'I need to call my mom!' Don't throw it away, please. She places her hands onto the keyboard and closes her eyes letting the cool shock of the ivory keys run up her arms, with one deep breath she starts to play. Origin: English; Meaning: Reddish-brown; Alternative Spellings & Variations: Siena, Siennah, Syenna Famous Namesakes: Actress Sienna Miller, actress Sienna Guillory; Peak Popularity: Sienna first appeared on the top 1,000 list of girl names in 1995. SKU: MN0145208 *Siena--often misspelled Sienna--is one of Italy's best preserved medieval towns, located in the heart of Tuscany. I open my eyes back up and she was nowhere in sight. Just moments after Win's arrival, Ciara, wearing a mask and holding her newborn in the hospital bed, adorably sang "Happy Birthday." She rolls her eyes and sits up and stretches out her arms to the sky, 'what time is it?'. Solo & Accompaniment, and Instrumental Parts in A Minor. 'Life saver!' Sienna. I give credit to Dad. So I just felt empowered through it all.". Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Near Memphis, a dream deferred for Choctaw people comes true, Astra Plans New Trial; Tokyo Posts Record Cases: Virus Update. 5-Minute Crafts VS Recommended for you. Like, three kids means I gotta turn the hotness up, that's how I feel," she continued. Her mother, making no sound, pulled her hand up to her mouth, tears slowly running down her cheeks, a sign that she could hear the trumpet too. There is a Pagliacci feel to this sorrowful but strong song that spontaneously broke out in the deserted streets of Sienna. Her face stiffens and her shoulders tense up. But I was so fried, I mean, the craziest thing is that I literally pushed Win out in like eight minutes. No Replies Log in to reply +2. It was really sweet. She really misses him; it will be the 356th day since she last saw his face. "So when my friend Ester Dean played me this song, I thought, 'This is one of those perfect pieces to my puzzle of how I'm gonna express myself, and I want to express myself.' 'Did you feel the room when you were playing? I pull her close petting her head, rocking her silently back and forth. ", "And you start hearing these stories about moms not being able to give birth with their partner. She looked so beautiful at night; Sienna's presence always seemed to have a glow to it. So Win is the name and he's so cute, he's so precious. Your review has been posted. 'Hey Ci?' A Song for Sienna. This videotape of people spontaneously singing in Sienna is really quite moving. streetgangon August 15, 2006 Link. As if the happiness had manifested a light blue glow about her whole body, incasing it in a godly like state. And I know you know in your heart that your dad would never want you to stop playing.'. That's how I'm approaching it right now. "You are built for everything that you're going through, and God made us uniquely strong. She slowly stands and I follow hastily piling the blanket into my arms. 'That was beautiful,' I tell her. The name became popular recently, due in part to British actress Sienna … I'm about to go in, that's my mentality. *Siena--often misspelled Sienna--is one of Italy's best preserved medieval towns, located in the heart of Tuscany. Her placid, glossed nude lips, even asleep, were turned into a slight smile. I just thought that maybe it would…' she cuts me off. Sienna is a great name for an old soul, as the name is derived from a Latin word meaning “to be old.” The name itself is a variation of Siena, a beautifully preserved town in the Tuscany region of Italy. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. "When I got the news that Russ and I could not to do our ultrasound together and he had to literally wait in the car, and we FaceTimed in the car and I was in the doctor’s office, that was, like, a really significant moment, I think, in all of this that really marked the time of where I am in my life as a pregnant woman," she said at the time. Ciara Gets Emotional While Sharing the Special Meaning Behind Son Win's Name (Exclusive). 'I'm so sorry Ci, you don't have to! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. God how I adore that smile, I haven't seen it around here much anymore, what a shame though; she has one of those rare contagious smiles that could make the Queen's Guard break character and smile along with her. They stopped that immediately, to my understanding, but the amount of people that come to the hospital during the birth has been limited," she continued. her gray-blue intricately designed eyes widen, almost bugging out of her head. 'Hmm?' 'How do you know what he wants?' buffoniaon July 01, 2009 Link. We finally reach her house and she takes a seat at the piano. *Siena Restaurant, located in Austin, TX, takes its name from the picturesque town in Italy. And then obviously, Harrison, it was his dad's first name, which is really sweet and precious," she continued. "That is Daddy. Babe, you could hear him playing with you, I know you could because I could too. ", And Ciara knows she's not alone in feeling like she has to "do it all" for her family.