You get more SEO. The longer the requirements “phase” continued, the more likely we'd have a wish list way too long to implement. You have a new one now. I suspect we all need a little arrogance to succeed in this industry. Almost 800 friends now on my work FB account. If I don't know they did this, I can't do much, especially if they don't share the content widely. Why three? I’m heading to Europe – Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece – on Thursday. [image error]Many of us writers integrate other people's ideas. That's why I tend to write more. Listening to 80s music in the office and social marketing. And inside the classroom, a bunch of smart kids from diverse backgrounds who learned grammar the right way. Or, with iterating over feature sets? Tomorrow we have our first WID sponsorship committee meeting for the “new year” so lots going on. Couple of great things that are coming up: Been a rough week. Tomorrow I’m apartment hunting & hoping I’ll find something! I also quoted Rule 4. [image error]What risks do you have for your current project? Attending and networking with Brandeis students at a Communications Professionals Event on Wednesday. These ideas might influence you, but a reference without exact words creates doubts in a reader's mind. Are you practicing or scaling enterprise Agile? Every day or more often. Johanna Rothman, commonly known as “Pragmatic Manager” is one of them. I don't know too many other people that do. My first board meeting and a visit from young adults from CJP. Consider the experiment in From Component to Cross-Functional Teams and  Rethinking Component Teams for Flow. I've written about changing management's compensation from being responsible for deliverables to fostering a great environment. Python, JavaScript and Go. Managers help create an environment where people can discuss those problems and resolve them. I’m too busy blogging on and That's why you might choose an Iterative lifecycle in Part 2. It's theft, pure and simple. If you want to be a thought leader, go ahead. Well, at least one of you did yesterday. Tonight, I’m giving an impromptu keynote presentation at Temple Shir Tikvah in Wayland on social networking. Happy Monday. Tomorrow I’m going to a baby shower & then a pre-thanksgiving party hosted by my friends Heather & Jason. Until I started to write books, I had no idea how many people would steal the content of my books. Quality is key, DevOps isn’t enough. Part 4, Iterative and Incremental but Not Agile Lifecycles, What Lifecycle or Agile Approach Fits Your Context? Application Protection for Desktop or Server, I took that idea or people problems and used it, but not his exact words. Of course everyone wins prizes with me. And, because the companies marketed these personal computers to men and boys, many boys who had families with sufficient disposable money got a start programming before they went to college. It's true, too many people want credit for work they haven't done. Good times! You'll want some number of interim releases. Taking Friday off. So far, we've discussed the lever of canceling a project at any time with the serial lifecycles in Part 1. [image error]Many of us writers integrate other people's ideas. Sometimes, I succeed. Architecture, Consider Product Options with Minimum Outcomes, Change the Indispensable Employee Mindset, Product Orientation Requires Technical Excellence, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, Creating Agile HR, Part 6: the Agile Compensation System, Iterations and Increments: For Any Project. It was awesome – about 200 people came! Part 3, Incremental Lifecycles appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. However, when people don't acknowledge your work, it's a form of stealing. Then, they developed tests to verify the first “mini-release” would work. I know of two primary incremental approaches: Design to Schedule and Staged-Delivery. In Staged Delivery, the team delivers that feature set. I think it's pretty clear where I paraphrased and where I quoted. If you’re following us, use hashtag #995fest. An agile culture in any team or group means you create small increments of value and ask for feedback. The Truth About Book Sales And The Keys To Generating Income From Publishing, What Writers Can Do About Informal Plagiarism, Part 1, How to Use Other People's Words and Not Plagiarize, Part 2, How to Use Other People’s Words and Not Plagiarize, Part 2, The ‘Fair Use' Rule: When Use of Copyrighted Material Is Acceptable, Practical Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization, rolling wave planning (a very early link), Project Portfolio Decisions–Decisions For Now. That's why I say agile approaches change the culture—in the team and in the organization. Part 1. I love one-day timeboxes for teams to use spikes. We write differently. It’s focused on my blog, SingleSassy, and my class on online dating. Pretty remarkable. I strongly recommend each team map its flow and measure its cycle time. Before you choose which approach makes more sense for you, let's discuss why you might want an agile approach. While the people work inside a timebox, there's little collaboration and very long feedback loops. Instead of a team limiting its work for a timebox, flow asks a team to map how the value flows through the team. I'd rather write more. It’s slow moving but hoping to get it going soon. VSM expert Eric Robertson covers Get Past Technical Roadblocks to Accelerate Your Software Delivery session by Andreas Prins, a VP of Strategy, at They rank-order the work with the help of the product manager. And I always love a good challenge, which this job has proven to be already. Got ideas?”. You can make educated choices. Is it worth Sam's time to confront John about John's plagiarism? This was not about the money. That timebox helps the team limit the scope and limit the team's WIP. And, the organization can deliver on the organization’s purpose—especially if it has diverse teams. The post What Lifecycle or Agile Approach Fits Your Context? You decide what done means for your prototype. None of that time is free. I was the one who mentioned The power of social media:  several weeks ago, I tweeted to @benjerrystruck to come to WGBH (tweet below). It's iterative and incremental. We expect the normal loops in blue. Good times! (Not!). It’s near the end of the summer, but what a great summer it has been! I'm pretty sure my math classes had more women. I hate how it gets dark so darn early. Preparing for JVS’ big Gala on April 28th. What if you really want to use an agile approach, knowing that approach will change your project culture? But, you might not want to, especially if it's on a torrent site. While this is a lightweight approach, I don't consider this an agile approach. That's because teams need safety for engagement. Maybe. At the speaker's dinner, I sat across the table from someone who said he focused on the problems of the portfolio and management in agile transformations. See all my books. This weekend is the WGBH Auction so we’ll be on air promoting items from 2-11pm. Some people want to credit ideas instead of exact words. Find the Pragmatic Manager, a monthly email newsletter, and her blogs at and If you don't, you plagiarize their words. You might choose to separate your ideas and fieldstones into two separate lists. TGIF! Too many publisher-published nonfiction books sell just 3000 books over their lifetime. This past week, I presented at the Mass Conference on Service and Volunteerism for the 2nd year. Part 7, Lifecycle Summary appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. Dare I say I’m going to be 36 in a few weeks. I’m listening to my Beatles station on pandora and I have to admit:  I hate Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. I don't see many of these kinds of problems. I don't always refer to Jerry's ideas in my blog posts or articles. The State of Agile report provides the world’s most comprehensive data for benchmarking your Agile practice and planning your next wave of expansion. Started my new job yesterday. But, if you take that first small step, and ask for a little help, maybe you can take the next one. We asked him to acknowledge us in several ways, at the start, during, and end of the presentation. Also busy working on the AFP 2014 Conference, which I am so excited to attend again this year! Start with the principles of: You don't need a framework to do any sort of agile approach. Subscribe to the blog by email. When I test, I see the product differently. TGIF!