Fresh. Labneh is basically salted and strained yoghurt. It can be of any fat content, even fat free, for those of you tired of tasting your food. To make vegan labneh, mix your soy yogurt, lemon juice and salt and then set it to strain. Labneh is a suitable dip for pita or veggies. Next, tie the cheesecloth around a wooden spoon. How to preserve Labneh in Olive oil: First, roll the labneh into balls. Bring the edges of the cheesecloth together, and knot them around the spoon’s handle. Versatile. The best way to strain it is in a cheesecloth, or really any thin breathable towel, without loose fibers. If you want to make Labneh balls, then the cheese should be thicker so that rolling it into balls is easier. How to make labneh. And super simple to make at home. How to make Labneh balls. Creamy. When you make labneh, it’s best to use thicker Greek-style yogurt. I actually repurposed one of our baby burp clothes we never used when I was short on a cheese cloth and it’s now been permanently reassigned as a cheese cloth. Store your homemade labneh in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. Or, form into balls and store in olive oil in glass jars for months. Mix them up in a small bowl, and then scrape the mixture into a layer of cheesecloth. Labneh can be made from any yogurt, from any mammal. Now, finally, let’s look at how to make labneh. When you’re ready to make the labneh cheese, stir together the yogurt and salt. Depending on how long you strain it for, it will have the consistency of anything from cream cheese (most common) to a hard-ish fresh cheese. The only thing you have to do differently is to strain it for a little longer (36- 48 hours will be enough). Labneh is one of those ingredients that tick all the boxes. It can be served with olive oil and some spices or herbs (paprika, garlic, thyme, etc), with nuts… I find that it is also pretty tasty as a sandwich spread, or for anything else that needs a bit of zest! It’s best to make them pretty much the same size. The longer you strain it, the more whey and liquid will come out and the cheese will be harder.