Honda CB 750A Review The idea behind the creation of the CB 750A was pretty simple. Pay now with a credit card and take advantage of our RALLY-RATE automatic renewal savings plan. MC, Read owner reviews of the Honda CB750 Super Sport in the Motorcycle Classics Forum. • 55hp @ 9,500rpm/127mph I cannot stress it enough that it is exactly what Iam saying. Thanks for reading this and scammers-DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT !!! Le style est sobre et dans l'air du temps avec un moteur qui refuse encore de se cacher derrière des flancs de carénage et une tête de fourche solidaire du cadre et assurant une protection honnête compte tenu de la hauteur de la bulle. Vous voulez acheter une moto Honda CB 750 Four ancienne? Or, Bill Me Later and I'll pay just $34.95 for a one year subscription! Calculez le coût de “It is without question the best motorcycle in the 750 class,” wrote Cycle in January 1977. Mine's clearly received some tough love over the years yet it still starts up every day with no problem and takes me to work with a big smile on my face. Honda's 2010 release of the automatic gearbox-equipped VFR1200 wasn't the first tourer from the big red wing to have a clutchless transmission. 100% original. Twin pipes, big 750 engine with fins, carbs - with choke, analogue instruments .... classic old skool bike.Superb build quality and minimal maintenance ... oil ! For six years Honda had been selling the CB750K, a … The Honda CB750F also wore a new, slimmer-looking (but 0.3-gallon larger) gas tank with a recessed filler covered by a lockable plate, and a disc brake replaced the rear wheel’s mediocre drum brake. No cleaning or messin with it so that the collector that gets this has the option to do whatever they think but please remember you wont find a nicer one that hasnt even been washed.I will do the best I can with this listing. If interested, please see the details in Craig's list. Then the 1977 Honda CB750F2 Super Sport, the CB750F2, was introduced in 1977. In 1969 Honda was known as the inventor of the Super Cub. The finned aluminium torque converter was reasonably efficient at dissipating heat on its own, but the engine's air-cooling meant the "all-in-one" lubrication and transmission fluid was kept cool in all but extreme conditions. Our Honda CB750 owners' reviews show positivity in general, with the only negative comments around the suspension's inability to keep up on some sorts of roads. Replaced head bearings. I'm not even going to compare the handling with other bikes I've owned it's not in the same universe even though the previous bikes were older by a number of years (and 2 of them were Honda's). Had no mechanical or electrical issues the whole trip. Mais la comparaison avec les précédentes CB 750 K, CB 750 F & CB 750 F2 s'arrête là. For lazy, easy cruising, however, you could do a lot worse. That said, the CB750 is also in a fairly soft, by modern standards, state of tune and is comparatively low-revving, too, so, with reasonable or gentle use, mpgs of around 50 should be possible. Et alors que la gamme VF, nouveau fer de lance de la gamme sportive, se met en place, Honda n'abandonne pas pour autant sa traditionnelle gamme CB, bien au contraire. Same with the brake master cylinders and calipers. Purchased in France and brought over so the only issue is that the speedometer is in KM. 845898), Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Riding, Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Side view, Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Instruments, Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Engine, Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Brakes, Honda CB750 F2 motorcycle review - Exhaust, The Honda CB750 was the world's first superbike. Equipment The 1969 Honda CB750 Four mapped out the future for motorcycles. This model comes in addition to the VF 750 S 4-cylinder V-giving birth to the line of VFR. La consommation s'établit aux alentours de 7 à 7,5 litres. The plan is to put it on ebay as soon as we get real photos to go with it. Hi folks.Just joined I am selling a pretty sweet 1978 super sport. Honda certainly thought so, figuring that Americans would snap up the auto 750 as an easy-to-operate and cheap-to-run alternative to four wheel commuters in the wake of the oil crisis of the early 1970s. A side-by-side test of the new CB 750A and a CB 750 F in Cycle World magazine (US) in late 1976 praised the 750A as being smooth and easy to ride, but questioned whether it would draw 'newbies' to motorcycling. puissance, Fourche téléhydraulique Ø 39 mm, déb : 150 mm, 4 Cylindres Ce 4 cylindres se veut à peine moins sportif que sa cousine VF-F While having no particular standout positive attributes, “It’s a motorcycle totally without serious fault,” said Cycle World. Thus, shifts between and 'low' and 'drive' in either direction were always smooth, with no lurching. The Kawasaki proved to be lithe and nimble with good handling, adequate braking, and decent comfort. That means just that almost no rust,scratches or dings and pits. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. But parts are plentiful, and thanks to their simple build they’re easy to work on and generally hugely reliable, making them a great usable classic. The life of a test mule includes some pretty vigorous riding, and the dropped valve occurred after a series of full throttle drag strip takeoffs attempting to verify Honda’s claim that the F2 was capable of sub-13 second standing quarters. If you make a fair offer based on this listing being correct you wont be disapointed. buy one if you want reliability and easy maintenance. In 1978, the 750 A2 featured Honda's 'Comstar' cast alloy wheels. The 1980 Kawasaki KZ750’s main claim to ascendency was lighter weight. The suspension isn't bad but on older motorcycles it’ll definitely need some sprucing up but engine-wise, you’re looking at a long distance runner and the Honda CB750 F2 is also pretty simple to maintain. The Honda CB750 F2 has a tallish, upright seating position, wide bars and good turning circle sound good for town work but the motorcycle is heavy and this can let it down. Suspension’s ok, but not up to much of a thrashing, and the gears are a bit clunky. No serious rust visible and I think it's easily got several years of frequent use left in it. If you are still reading this then you know enough to see what we did and why. Comfy and reliable and that's after it's racked up 49000miles on the clock. Cycle magazine recorded 58hp at the rear wheel compared with 49hp for the 1973 K3. Although the speedometer went round to 120 mph (192 kph) road tests of the CB 750A when new only seemed to reach a top speed around the 90-100 mph (145-160 kph) mark.So, for all its innovation and rider-friendly features, the CB 750A should have been a hit. Bit of paint and it looks brand new. After years of snapping at Henry’s heels, the Dodge Brothers, Louis Chevrolet and the rest streaked out front. I will let the new owner decide how to proceed. And like the Model T, it stayed in production for just a little too long.-Advertisement-By 1975, the Kawasaki Z1 with its 903cc DOHC engine had leapfrogged ahead of the CB750. When you see the bike you will say WOW you were not kidding. Put in a new set of points (just one set, again just to hear it run.0 Here was an immensely successful exercise in styling. Not sure if this is normal for the bike or the rear suspension needs attention/replacing. The Honda CB750 F2 is not the most exciting motorcycle to leave the Honda factory but a competent, comfortable cruising motorcycle nonetheless. Tyres lasted 20k as town commuter. The tank and side covers were removed after the photos and wraped in towels. It has done 23,000 miles and I have ridden it all over America but mostly from C.A. As mentioned, the CB 750A was electric start, but a kick start lever was supplied, clipped underneath the seat, to be used if required.As a visual aid to the rider, the right hand instrument pod featured large indicator lights for when the bike was in 'neutral', 'low' or 'drive' (high gear). By continuing to manufacture the same basic car, Ford maximized the benefits of mass production, but at the cost of market leadership. Ses capacités industrielles et le dynamisme de son département de recherche et développement lui permet de se battre sur absolument tous les fronts et de proposer une gamme beaucoup plus large que ses concurrents directs.