The De Ridder brewery in Maastricht was taken over by Heineken and closed in 2002. Prickelt und zischt wie grad gemischt", "Heineken acquires Krusovice Brewery in Czech Republic", "Skopsko Svetlo Pivo from Pivara Skopje (Heineken), a Pale Lager style beer: An unofficial page for Skopsko Svetlo Pivo from Pivara Skopje (Heineken) in Skopje, Macedonia", "The Breweries of Slovakia and all the beers they brew", "Zlatý Bažant – To najlepšie čo doma máme", "Al Ahram Beverages Company | company profile, background, key figures", Stella brings home the gold The Monde Selection Gold Award, "Sedibeng brewery comes on stream – Mail & Guardian Online", "Asia Pacific Breweries Limited – Company History", "Asia Pacific completes takeover of DB Breweries", "Reeb Tavern – English history of Reeb Beer", "DB Breweries (Asia Pacific Breweries-Heineken)", "DB ordered to pull 'Black Budget' beer ads",,, Articles with dead external links from December 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2014, Articles containing Macedonian-language text, Articles containing Bulgarian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Bochkarev classic (Bochkarev klassicheskoye), Bochkarev without alcohol (Bochkarev bezalkogolnoye), Stella 50cl, 33cl – 4.5% Alc/vol (Flagship Brand), Stella 50cl returnable bottle – 4.5%Alc/vol, Sakara Weizen 50cl – 5.0%Alc/vol (German Weißbier Style Brew), Sakara El King (Double Imperial Lager) – 15.0%Alc/vol, Fayrouz – 0.0%Alc/vol – Multiple flavors, Rex Strong Beer 50cl – 8% Alc/vol (Lebanon), ID Double Edge 10.0%Alc/vol – (Energy / Watermelon / Green Apple / Pineapple), Cubana Rum Mix 10.0%Alc/vol – (Melon / Cola), Butler's Gin Mix 10.0%Alc/vol – Lemon & Mint. The Zagorka brewery was founded in 1902 and is based in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. In 1950, the name of the brewery changed to Brasserie et Malterie Almaza. Heineken Italy has six brewing plants producing over 575 million litres of beer, and employs over 1,000 people. It was originally called Pelican, after a dance popular at the time. [62], There are several beers produced under the DB brand,[66] including DB Draught, a 4% amber coloured lager;[67] Export Gold a 4% pale lager, Export Gold was first brewed as DB Export as a result of the "Black Budget" from then Minister of Finance Arnold Nordmeyer which imposed extremely high duty on imported premium lagers, though the extent to which the 'black budget' influenced the creation of DB Export is currently under dispute. The two most notable brands are Murphy's Irish Stout, a 4.3% Irish stout, and Murphy's Irish Red, a 5% Irish ale. In addition to the Blonde (5.8% abv) and Brune (6.5% abv), Pelforth Amber (6% abv) was introduced in 2003. Surely no-one would ever say Heineken is the best beer in the world. Athenian Brewery S.A. is one of the most important beer producers and traders in Greece. Is it the best beer ever? SCC produces a range of beers, mainly pale lagers. [8], Heineken's Italian operation began in 1974 with the acquisition of the Dreher brewery. It is a joint venture between Coca-Cola HBC AG and Heineken International. The company has been controlled since April 2008 by Heineken. Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC) is a Portuguese brewery, founded in 1934. The Pelforth brewery also produces George Killian's, a 6.5% amber or Irish ale. Nowadays Sagres beer is present in almost every corner of the world, wherever there is a Portuguese community. [11], Birra Moretti was founded in Udine in 1859 by Luigi Moretti. Amstel 1870 is a slightly dark 5% abv lager. Its main output is the Sagres brand of beers. The brewery produces eight beers. In 2006 2.58 billion litres of Heineken was produced. Zlatý Bažant brewery was founded in 1969[47] in Slovakia, then bought by Heineken in 1995. The ingredients are water; barley malt; unmalted cereals; hops; and brewers yeast. Brand Pils is a 5.0% abv pale lager made since 1902. Bochkarev (Russian: Бочкарев) is a Russian brewery that started as a soft drinks company called Bravo, opening a brewery in St Petersburg in 1988. It was known as Lady's Well Brewery until it was purchased by Heineken in 1983, when the name changed to Murphy Heineken Brewery Ireland Ltd. That doesn’t mean it’s the best lager ever – just that it’s the most famous. The Amstel brewery was founded in 1870 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Blurb on the bottle: The world’s most international premium lager. Heineken acquired the company in 1996, selling the brewing plant to the new Castello beer company.[12]. Reeb's distribution is primarily in the Shanghai area. Heineken, to my mind, is the lager which you compare all others against. However, I honestly do believe that Heineken probably is a wee bit better than a lot of the other internationally available mass-produced lagers out there.