So a Gnawing Hunger will always beat it by a bullet or be more consistent because it can get one body shot and still kill int he same amount of shots. I don't play anymore, but what changed? Ah yes, a gun with similar damage but lacking: Home » Guides » Destiny 2 Gnawing Hunger: How to Get Legendary Auto Rifle, Stats & More. My gnawing hunger has 51 rounds in the mag which is absolutely ridiculous. For me personally, I have always preferred less zoom on weapons as it feels I get tunnel vision less. It aboslutely is not prenerf Hardlight power. Edit: Not saying gnawing hunger is bad. As a reminder, though, The Reckoning is a PvE activity accessed via the Gambit section of The Director screen. Forgotten path and suros are both just as good, if not better. I love that gun and use it a lot but the hand cannon gang often beats me with their headshots. So stay near cover or make them miss to get them off the optimal ttk. The new trials auto looks spicy too. Press J to jump to the feed. It’s a top tier perk because it eliminates bloom helping tremendously in long range engagements. I was thinking of going after a gnawing but have never done any prime/reckoning, why are you waiting till next week? It has a great perk pool and great stats. Hopefully I didn't just throw what could very well be the new meta. Even changing shaders doesn't do much to improve that, and I have yet to see its ornament. That is the exact roll one of my friends wants! It has a huge magazine, clean sights, and easy to control recoil. Meaning if you had a strong melee build, Monte Carlo or Hunger with Swashbuckler might rank higher for you. something with high caliber rounds instead, best pvp perk for 600s outside of exotics(on console). Long story short, it is a beast and my go to auto rifle this season. There are a few reasons people are talking about the others more than Gnawing Hunger. And you have Rampage, which stacks base damage (3x max) for killing enemies consecutively. They really overdid the auto rifle buffs. Gnawing Hunger (Kinetic) – Possible drop from completing Gambit Prime matches and tier 2, tier 3 runs of The Reckoning. I use Age Old Bond and it works just fine, no one asks to nerf that. - 100 Aim Assist and Recoil Direction It's great everywhere in the game. 3 months ago. If longer range isn't your thing then you could try thorn. Gnawing was never good before that buff and it has been out since season of the drifter. ***Edit: <-- Proof that the Suros health regen can proc on any bullet. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CruciblePlaybook community. Summoner can come with high cal or ricochet, summoner also has dynamic sway which is by far the best auto rifle perk. PvP is all about adapting. [quote]why is a weapon so powerful you see it in every match[/quote] what is the TTK for fully spun up sweet business no catalyst?I love that gun and use it a lot but the hand cannon gang often beats me with their headshots. I think and Ether Doctor with Snapshot, a Fluted/high handling Gnawing Hunger w. Swash or Rampage, and The Doubt from y1 with it's long range scope, HCR, and Snapshot are the best legendary options right now. I have a god roll GH ( arrowhead, accurized, zen moment, Kill clip) an I honestly prefer either of my average summoners (small bore, armor piercing, DSR, rampage and extended barrel, ricochet, overflow, rangefinder). And suros is way better just exotic, It's all 600 autos, not just gnawing hunger, gh is just easiest to farm. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the legendary auto rifle in Destiny 2, its stats, and other useful information. Easy to farm a good roll for, has nice sight, and can roll headseeker if you arent good at getting headshots. As for the magazine, Tactical Mag is a good choice for increasing stability and reload speed. To obtain this weapon, players will need to acquire an Umbral Engram. Galliard is slightly better because it has High Cal, but both are very good and very rare. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. 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No, frankly, 600s don't need any bombshell nerf, if any at all. I didn’t even bother to unlock reckoning until yesterday, now I need to wait till next week to farm for a gnawing hunger. If gnawing hunger is too strong, it's because you stand out in the open too much. Part of it is the sights but the rest I can't say for sure. Скорострельный, почти без отдачи, для чистки мелочи самое то. And Suros absolutely is a problem too. Sit back and pop some heads, stay behind your team. Instead of crits for 26 it crits for 24. Suros Regime's intrinsic perk Spinning Up is very spamable and allows for a 0.4 time to kill (TTK), which is by far the quickest of these options. As for 600 autos, 60 ÷ 600 = 0.1 → 0.1 • 7(600s kill in 8 shots) = 0.7 Personally I hate the zoom most scopes give cause autos imo already have more zoom than hand cannons. Maybe try something like a high impact pulse. MKC may even be better in Rumble as it's easier to maintain the buff between duels. Is there any advantage to using Dual Speed Receiver? More posts from the CruciblePlaybook community. I agree with nearly everyone else here in saying that 600rpm auto's are the problem, not gnawing hunger. It is not. It was this good last season but people didn’t know because it required Reckoning. Ive been leaning more towards the zen moment roll and changing the max range for more stability and slightly less range. The handling on Suros and Monte Carlo is pretty terrible and while Hard Light is better, it takes up an exotic slot and still doesnt feel as snappy as the legendaries... which can also run Icarus grip. The game has been a handcannon meta for the past 2 years and it's nice to have a change, i will admit that i'm tired of it already though, but it will pass, nerfing gnawing hunger isn't the answer to your frustrations. Gnawing hunger is good but it's not as good as I thought it would be. Your best chance of getting it as a drop is when grinding the Likeness of Oryx boss, so you’ll want to time your grind for when that boss rotates on. Best I got was zen moment, kill clip but it had no bullet perks, I'd also argue that God Roll Summoner > God Roll Gnawing Hunger. Something about the summoner just feels better and I can't really put my finger on what it is exactly.