So what does it mean? Global Animal Partnership's 5-Step Program Global Animal Partnership The GAP 's 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards is a voluntary certification program for farmers, ranchers, packers, and feeders. With the launch of the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards – the signature program of Global Animal Partnership – we’ve got new signage, brochures and labels for our Step-rated beef, chicken and pork! 3. It contains no added sugar. Global Animal Partnership. Yes, “provisions must be made to keep indoor chickens active by enriching their environment” Step 1: Yes, ≥ 1 type of indoor enrichment required. Hormone Claims Hormone use in milk- and meat-producing cattle to increase production and weight is associated with welfare problems. American Humane Certified. Nutrients. Costa Rica's Carlos Manuel Rodriguez takes over as head of the Global Environment Facility Investing in nature makes more sense than ever In a joint Op-Ed, Naoko Ishii and Carlos Manuel Rodriguez write that we have the tools to achieve a green recovery (2016). This global initiative is far reaching with a particular focus on food safety, zoonotic disease and antibiotic resistance. For products from animals raised on pasture for their entire lives, look for Animal Welfare Approved or Global Animal Partnership (Step 4 and above). Maggini et al. 10, 1531. Step 2-4: Yes, ≥ 2 types of indoor enrichment required. Also by 2024, we will use only breeds accepted by GAP or RSPCA and processed using multi-step controlled atmospheric stunning. Nutrients. Enriched environments, including litter, lighting, and enrichment that meets Global Animal Partnership (GAP) new standards. Provide birds enriched environments including litter, lighting, and enrichment that meets Global Animal Partnership’s standards. 2. Process chickens in a manner that avoids pre-stun handling and instead utilizes a multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that induces an irreversible stun. Learn more below . (2018). It includes research into all aspects of the interaction of animals and people, between pests and people, and the environment that we create to expose and invite transmission. We will ask suppliers to demonstrate compliance through certification or third party auditing. Step 2 requires a more enriched environment for the animals. Anmum™ Essential is a milk powder specially formulated with Prebiotics, MFGM, GA®, DHA and 15 key nutrients. 4. Collins & Reid. 8, 523. Support your child's overall growth, learning, development and immunity*. *Inulin is a type of prebiotics that supports a good intestinal environment.