It’s not uncommon that garage doors start experiencing problems after many years of use, and that can include everything from the remote control to the keypad or opener. Consider the condition of your garage door keypad. Do you remember the last time you replaced the batteries in your … Problems with the garage door frame, the need for belt replacement or cable repair are other common issues homeowners may experience. Pressing the wrong PIN several times may cause your system to malfunction completely so instead of doggedly pressing the keypad, press the “learn” button on the motor then enter your four-digit unlocking code. Set the ladder up near your garage door motor, and carefully climb up to the point where you can reach it. If you have a LiftMaster keyless entry system and the keypad is not working there are easy fixes that you can look at yourself to fix your LiftMaster keypad. After pressing the “learn” button on the side of the motor, … If you have problems with your personal identification number (PIN), do not keep on pressing the keypad of your remote control in the hope of making the door opener work. If the condition of your garage door remote-controller is pretty rough or your If your keypad is closing your garage but not opening it, have your partner stand near the keypad. Check to be sure the antenna is attached and if it is not hanging down from the unit, move the antenna so it can catch the beambeing sent by the remote. If the remote works from inside the garage but not from the outside, then most likely the antenna wireon the garage door opener itself may be damaged, broken, or not in visible range. The first thing to look at is the battery – if the keys are still back lit then there is the power to the unit. (You also must have access to the inside of your garage to perform this garage door keypad repair – it won’t work if you’re locked out.) Remote Batteries Are Depleted.