Crews give the students hands-on experience in office skills, retail sales, landscaping, equine management, arts & crafts, building maintenance, photography and dining room service. View their 2020-21 profile to find tuition cost, acceptance rates, reviews and more. Our desire is that no young person be turned away because of a lack of financial resources. Students are assigned to small teams supervised by FCA staff. Sometimes the family is together but dysfunctional, and sometimes elderly relatives are unable to continue caring for a child. Often they have a single parent who is unable to give the time and structure needed. We prefer to call them "homes" because of the qualities that give them the look and feel of being at home. Note: The tuition structure is different in each campus. (WEB: Beginning in the 7th grade, students are assigned to a supervised crew for an hour and a half each weekday after school and three hours on Saturday morning. Because the Lord generously provides French Camp Academy with resources for ministry through individual contributions, we acknowledge our accountability both to Him and to our supporters through organizational best practices (regularly scheduled board meetings, third party audits and reviews, honoring donor wishes and privacy, 990 documents available online, no-debt policy, etc. The French American Academy of New Milford is a not-profit school. We admit students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. Consequently part of the resources come from donations. French Camp Academy, established in 1885, is an interdenominational ministry to young people. FCA is currently accepting applications. We admit students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. You can apply clicking the link below for Student Application. Located in the lush pine woods of central Mississippi, along the scenic Natchez Trace, we offer a safe, stable home where young people of all kinds can learn and live. TEXAS BOYS RANCH (Lubbock, TX). French Camp Academy: Address, Phone Number, French Camp Academy Reviews: 4.5/5 Paint ball, horse back riding, swimming, zip line into our 30 acre lake, bonfires, ball games, trips to the beach, movies, concerts, drama productions, only scratch the surface describing the diversity of activities offered throughout the year for young people living on French Camp's 900 acre campus. Expenses—The cost to board and educate a resident student is $18,000 per academic year. Program enrolls 24 boys, ages 12-17, counseling, boys attend public schools and there is a sliding scale fee. A non-refundable an- Phone: 662-547-6482. For more information on tuition and scholarships, contact the Student Life Office at 662.547.6484. There are also personal discipleship opportunities for students. French Camp Academy, established in 1885, is an interdenominational ministry to young people. A houseparent couple lives in the home and does all they can to make a happy home life for the students. xKÖ%5Ù–¨*IvBşÓ´@%G ‰/ã6¡®;�–ÈjGÌJ7¾Înì*@iˆÈ™¯�ò懖­…|ÎX(‡Íj²¡:jup…‹¿×ÑÙÜ|ZÈ Ö4]’4­Û»–­×§¢^ÙV«ûª[ÏTu­Ù�€Å§XÎ$ŠĞ4!¶’�”"j JšóÏs g¨~ÿ2KtqGö„à̤헋Ål±X\tÛªû2‚ÄÒuáP“ʲJ@½X\œ÷$*`Š”ZĞÖ0¾-�©SÙ³Š¸=¡‚B$ÄͲ7Ø. The private school with the highest tuition in Mississippi is French Camp Academy, with a tuition of $18,000. FRENCH CAMP ACADEMY (French Camp, MS) Christian, low cost or scholarship to low-income families able to demonstrate financial need. For application packets, brochures, campus tours and more information about attending FCA, you may contact the Student Life Office at 662.547.6484. House parents supervise study hall, take children to the doctor, cook an occasional meal with students, attend student activities and are available to the students all day, just as loving parents would be. French Camp Academy in French Camp, Mississippi serves 247 students in grades 7-12. We believe that if our Heavenly Father desires for a young person to attend FCA, He will provide the finances through the family, FCA scholarship funds or a combination. Click TUITION to download New Milford tuition. French Camp Academy, a Christ-centered home and school, exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God. ). Though our school was founded by Presbyterians in 1885, we are now an interdenominational organization. Student Life Office French Camp Academy One Fine Place French Camp, MS 39745. Student kitchen, den and laundry areas are available for free time and personal chores. Our ultimate goal is to help build young people who love God with all their hearts, and their neighbors as themselves. Respect for the Lord and others is expected during these worship times. Click TUITION to download Jersey City tuition. 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Most of our students are typical kids who come from a problem home situation not of their making (such as divorce, separation or death of a parent). French Camp Academy looks to many other individuals and groups for contributions to help cover other costs for operating its ministry. The common thread is that these young people are in situations that are unhealthy or unmanageable for them - they need a stable environment. Students are, however, required to attend church on Sunday and weekly chapel and vespers services. We are geared to help students in normal physical and emotional health who are able to perform at their normal grade level in school. Our desire is to see all young people mature academically, athletically, socially and emotionally, all within a Christian worldview.