This one definitely falls into that category! Finished with a couple coats of shellac to blonde it up followed by 4 coats of clear nitro laquer. Fender Licensed Allparts Telecaster Ebony Neck With Tinted Nitro On Headstock, Fender licensed Mighty Mite strat stratocaster neck loaded no reserve, WD Licensed Fender Stratocaster Maple Neck With Schaller Ebony Tuners, Allparts Fender Licensed Strat Neck/Used/Good/Rosewood/Maple/*, Musikraft nitro strat neck fender licensed, Licensed Fender Tele Neck, Chunky Maple - Allparts TMO-FAT, Stratocaster Replacement Neck Musikraft USA Licensed by FENDER USA, Mighty Mite Fender Licensed Strat neck for Floyd Rose - with tuners & nut, Warmoth Wizard Stratocaster Guitar Neck Licensed Fender 21 Vintage Frets, Warmoth WIDE Fender Licensed Stratocaster Neck 1 7/8" at Nut Curly Maple W/Cap. This has tall frets and has been finished in nitro lacquer. There is a Fender Stratocaster decal on the headstock but this is NOT a Fender neck. And happy bidding. Photos are a major part of our descriptions so please examine them closely. Licensed by Fender. I will cover the shipping to eBayers in the 48 cont'l states. Kostenlose XXL Bilder- aupedoLive, Incredible comfort on this neck. Used Warmoth"Licensed by Fender" Telecaster GUITAR NECK with Grover tuners and string tree Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and#6230 fret wire. I must sell off what I own in order to file for bankruptcy after my divorce is finalized. This particular neck has been Relicd by MJT(search them on Google) Made to look like a vintage aged guitar neck. The neck is relatively un-played. Some weather checking lacquer finish. Musikraft describes it as Flame select which is their equivalent of 2A or 3A flame. Warmoth replacement neck for vintage Stratocaster. You get the payment made, we get your part out within 1 day(unless you ask us to hold to combine it with other items you are bidding on. The neck is in good condition with minimal to no fret wear. C-shape. If you sand down the finish the decal could easily be removed. 10" radius, 85x.96, 1.65 nut width. Some minor dings with one on back of neck(see pic) but overall the neck looks good with no structure damage. Only on my guitar for about 2 months. It plays real nice. We are committed to getting the item to you safely and in the condition you see in the photos. Fender licensed Mighty Mite Stratocaster neck. Here is a Warmoth Licensed Fender Stratocaster Guitar Neck Made in USA This is a 50's RI neck with the soft V profile. Has a string tree installed and a an F-style logo. My BIN Price Is Set For A FAST Sale! Other than obviously being mounted to a body. Then Nitro finished, completely Aged, nut& tuners installed for you. Super and Ultra wide neck options that still fit common 2-3/16" neck pockets. I like it. It's also a, very dense wood resulting in very resonant guitar with deep and long lasting notes. If you're looking for a no-nonsense"baseball bat" Tele neck. Less than 3 years old, very limited play. Bone nut. This neck is like new. Intonates well at every position. It was pulled from a bass that a customer brought in and he had me install a neck with frets. Includes tuners, locking nut and retainer bar. With staggered locking tuners no string tree is needed. As well as a couple string trees. Best of all is the price. It's not the best job. Includes vintage style Fender/Gotoh nickel plated tuners and string tree. We are committed to getting the item to you safely and in the condition you see in the photos. never got around to building guitar) Fender Licensed Telecaster. It needs to be filed a little bit deeper– maybe 1/16” or so, to get the nut down to a good playing height, but since you can always make it lower, that is good for the buyer to be able to set the nut where he wants it. Immediate payment is appreciated, since we like to ship fast. The frets only show minor wear. It's 25.5" scale with a 7.25" radius. Straighter maple grain and the thick slabs of quality rosewood fingerboards. Clean with stainless steel(plays like butter) frets in clear nitro finish. The frets look like new for whatever thats worth. The nut width is 1-11/16' which i found out is too big for me personally. if you are unhappy in any way, just let me know, and i will fully refund your money if need be. It has jumbo frets in excellent condition. not those ink jet pieces of junk. This auction does not include the guitar body or the standard neck appearing in the pics. Warmoth, USACG, Mighty Mite, Allparts or similar body with a standard Fender neck pocket. Mighty Mite Strat replacement neck licensed by Fender. Looks like it was drilled for vintage style tuners and not the more modern type with a threaded bushing. Nut adjusts on the heel. Thank you for considering Tone House Studios for your Boutique gear needs. Genuine guitar and bass necks for Fender Strat Tele, Charvel and EVH! The woodgrain on the rosewood is one of the nicest I have seen! Good luck bidding. Has decal and headstock has nice relic look. is on sale. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It had Fender tuners on it that I needed also. FEATURES Maple neck with a fretboard that looks like ebony. Side fretboard dot markers, and finished Medium Jumbo nickel frets. If you have any woodworking skills the most of the holes can be filled.