The US and Europe are not mismanaging their collected waste, so the plastic trash coming from those countries is due to litter, researchers said. $(document).ready(function() { Shweta Harit, Evian’s global vice president, gave Environment + Energy Leader an early look at the fully recyclable bottle and discussed the unique challenges that stemmed from completely eliminating the label. “Climate change awareness is growing, but plastic is what people see so it’s important to look at the full picture,” Harit said. On behalf of the entire team at E+E Leader we wish all of our friends, partners and followers a happy and healthy #Thanksgiving! Subscribe, By Rachel Arthur Environmental Leader ® is a registered trademark of Business Sector Media LLC. Leaving off the non-recyclable label prevents waste by saving resources, Harit noted. People with type O or 'negative' blood are LESS likely to catch coronavirus and die from Covid-19, study... England's woodland could DOUBLE to cover 20 per cent of the country without intruding on important habitats... Trove of ancient arrows dating back 6,000 years and preserved by ice on Norwegian mountain slope are... Upper arm bone may hold the key to how vertebrates rose from the ocean and first moved onshore 390 million... Dog-sized lizards invade the US! Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Danone’s Evian brand has revealed a new bottle for its mineral water that is label-free, made from 100% recycled PET (apart from the cap), and reportedly fully recyclable. An overwhelming 95 per cent of plastic packaging - worth £65 - £92billion - is lost to the economy after a single use, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report stated. 'We wanted to keep the "Evian touch" when designing the bottle, and we created a new pink cap especially for this bottle. , Thank you for being a part of our family in 2020, We are greatly looking forward to 2021! return vOut; for (var i=0; i < aTags.length; i++) It debuts across select hotels, restaurants and hospitality in France this month, and will follow in additional countries from September 2020. A week of #thanks. 'This new innovation is so exciting as it is not just any bottle; it is recyclable, made from 100% recycled plastic, and label- free all in one that has been specifically designed to minimize environmental impact,' Giraudon said. The bottle will be available in July from La Grande Epicerie, Pret-a-Manger and a selection of hotels in France. Processing & Packaging, We are no longer accepting comments on this article. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); It hopes the bottle can ultimately provide a sustainable solution globally – particularly in ecommerce where there is no need for barcode labelling. This new product is part of the firms move to reduce virgin plastic across its entire range and an extension of the news the firm has become carbon neutral. The FREE newsletter covering essential news for environment and energy professionals. The evian brand has committed to make all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic (excluding cap and label) by 2025, avoiding the need for virgin plastic. Having circular packaging made from rPET that can be recycled at the end of its life supports the brand’s sustainability goals. Of 30 billion plastic bottles used by UK households each year, only 57 per cent are currently recycled. Have a wonderful day! }); The bottle, which took nearly two years to develop, is also created from 100% recycled plastic (excluding cap). The amount of plastic rubbish in the world's oceans will outweigh fish by 2050 unless the world takes drastic action to further recycle, a report released in 2016 revealed. #digitaltechnology, The results of our global survey are in: distribution utilities need better power reliability. vOut +=', '; contact, 09-Jul-2020 #thankful , Check out the nUVo™ portable UV-C air disinfection tower from @energyfocusinc. @RockyMtnInst: The Next Frontier of Carbon Accounting: A Unified Approach for Unlocking Systemic Change, @AmoryLovins @MITSustainChain @CCSI_Columbia @coschoolofmines #GHG The new design will be available as a 400ml bottle and features an ‘evian pink’ bottle cap. Happy holidays from our team to yours! Using recycled plastic as a material reduces carbon emissions. Shweta Harit, Evian global brand VP, said this highlights the companies position as a pioneer in sustainable design solutions. It plans to achieve this through partnerships that help it redesign its packaging; accelerate recycling initiatives and remove plastic waste from nature. Where do you fall? function sanitize_gpt_value2(gptValue) Bottles are a major contributor to the increasing amount of plastic waste in the world's oceans. Emmanuelle Giraudon, Engineer in Research and Innovation at Danone, the company that owns the Evian brand, said it was an exciting development. Related tags: 'Don't ever talk to the president that way!' 'The bottle's premium design speaks to history's most environmentally conscious generation. } The comments below have not been moderated. “These things would struggle on shelves because it doesn’t have a label,” Harit said. Highlighting our most popular articles from the past 6 months! Evian plans to make them available in international markets starting in September: the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. Researchers warned eight million tonnes of plastics currently find their way into the ocean every year - the equivalent of one truckload every minute. 'This will enable plastic to evolve from potential waste to become a valuable resource,' the firm explained. Taking a 'circular approach' to their products means using recycled plastics and trying to keep plastic in the economy and out of natural habitats. Happy holidays from our team to yours! Embossing takes place during the blow-molding stage, when the preform is heated and blown within the confines of the mold that has the final label-free bottle shape. The bottle has been almost two years in the making, according to the firm, who say it will hold 400ml and feature an 'Evian pink' cap instead of the traditional light blue. Subscribe Earlier this year evian became certified as a global carbon neutral brand​​. 'Breaking through the white noise with action is at the core of all that we do at Evian, which is why today's launch is a key advance in innovation for us. Water brand Evian has released a new bottle design that is made from 100 per cent recycled plastics and features an engraved logo and no plastic label. Most Americans believe the world will be greener by 2042 if we produce zero... 'Buck-toothed' bird the size of a crow with a toucan-like beak lived on Madagascar 68 million years ago. #DigitalTransformation #NewElectricWorld, It’s the perfect time of year to celebrate & recognize our partners! - Last updated on Latest from @SammyReifer:, We are thankful for every single one of our amazing partners! 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This new product is part of the firm's move to reduce virgin plastic across its entire range, and an extension of the news the firm has become carbon neutral. The only industrialized western country on the list of top 20 plastic polluters is the United States at No.