Epiphone EB3 bass with 3 way adjustable solid steel HIPSHOT SUPERTUNE bridge ROCKS!! So now we are getting in to the set up phase of making this bass rock! With the intonation adjusted properly, the G string is too close to the neck and fretting out. Cool. The Babicz patented double locking eCAM saddle offers full contact to the instruments body...improving tonality and sustain. Feeling that they may need to be filed and dressed, I resist the urge and let the bass sit for two days after the neck adjustments. Nice action, clear bell like tones. The result is really a great instrument that I am very happy to play. As it turned out, there was no change at all after a couple of days. Simply raise that saddle until the string height falls inline again with the other strings. Strat, Stratocaster, Tele, Telecaster, PBass, Precision Bass, JBass, Jazz Bass, and Fender are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments. Jekeko Wah Fixed Varible Wah. A slight filing of 22 corrects this. Why you need one. When the bridge first arrived, it came with three studs. They explained that there were supposed to be two sets of studs; one metric and one standard. Next up;  3 easy mods to make your Epiphone EB3 Bass GREAT! By tightening the truss rod, I increased the tension and stress on the neck. When they are too low they become stifled and somewhat dead in sound, and also quite often buzz. As for your question about pressure on the cylinders, I believe that this bridge being flush with the top of the bass exhibits far less torqueing on the cylinders than the stock bridge which is suspended over the top by the studs, and have not had any problems since install. You can adjust the entire bridge in terms of height and the bridge saddles individually in terms of intonation but you cannot adjust the individual saddles for string height. So now we are getting in to the set up phase of making this bass rock! Trying to get to get the bass strings as close as possible while still allowing them to ring out requires minimizing relief but avoiding back bow on the Epiphoine EB3 or Epiphone SG bass. I am sure you know the type. In order to bring the octave down you have to increase the overall string length between the bridge and the nut. http://store.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=264, Set Neck 60's EB-3 short scale. Part 3: Jeannie Pickguards! INDIVIDUAL adjustment!!! It is now almost four years later and the bass still plays excellently. Machined out of solid aircraft-quantity aluminum, the Hipshot SuperTone bass bridge features complete adjustability that is easy to use: precise intonation, independent string height, and even side-to-side string spacing adjustment. Of course with all the mods I have invested way to much on something that is not an investment and won’t appreciate, but it is a great player and a beautiful EB3 that I will always use and have no regrets. For further information click on this link:http://store.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=264. Yay!! Epiphone stock 2 way adjustable bass bridge. I do this until the 12th fret octave rings true with the harmonic. Chuck. Bridge work! PLEASE ASDVISE, MUCH APPRECIATED This new chunk of steel bridge really seems to improve the depth and sustain as well and it does make sense. I have raised the saddle with two chunks of rubber. If you have never done any fret work or set up work you might want to consider acquiring a nice cheap guitar on Ebay and hone your skills a bit before you go out and start messing with one of your keepers, or let an experienced tech do the job for you. Now in the lower fret area I saw that there was more “relief” or upper curvature that I like and felt there was room there to get the strings a bit closer to the fingerboard. I stated that frets 19 and 21 were buzzing just a bit. Part 2: Epiphone Bass Parts. Fender is not affiliated with Babicz Full Contact Hardware, Drop-in upgrade for Epiphone 3-Point bridges, Fits Epiphone SG, Thunderbird, and other Epi bass models with existing shoulder body inserts, Improved string stability, tonality and sustain, Includes bridge, mounting studs, washers, 2mm wrench, and instructions.