Duruflé’s unaccompanied four-voice setting of The Lord’s Prayer is his only sacred choral work in the vernacular French language. Pie Jesu 3:14VI. Duruflé: Quatre Motets sur des thèmes grégoriens, Op. Free shipping. 34. Lux aeterna 4:14VIII. Featured on the Houston Chamber Choir’s Duruflé CD are: Requiem: Ken Cowan, organ (Professor of Organ at The Shepherd School, Rice University); Norman Fischer, cello (Professor of Cello at The Shepherd School, Rice University); Cecilia Duarte, mezzo-soprano; and Eduardo Tercero, baritone. Messe “Cum Jubilo” pour choeur de barytons et orgue, Op. The 'Gloria' is a much bolder piece, beginning with a forceful introduction by the organ and full-throated singing by the male chorus throughout the divine praises. 9. 9, Copyright © 2019 Signum Records  |  Site by. The organ, at Rice University's Old Recital Hall, may be new even to organ buffs, but its mystical shadings, marvelously evident in the final "In paradisum" of the Requiem, Op. Tu es Petrus 1:01IV. Messe “Cum Jubilo” (men’s voice): Ken Cowan, organ. This website uses cookies and third party services. In that solo/choral arrangement, it simulates the monastic practice of alternately singing phrases or verses of Gregorian chant antiphonally in two groups, or responsorially by a cantor alternating with a larger chorus. The plainchant 'Kyrie' melody is polyphonically adapted for the four voices over a long-note 'cantus firmus' version of the melody stated on the trumpet stop. The entire work is laid gently to rest during the closing 'In Paradisum' intoned in a serene unison soprano melody over a diaphanous organ setting and completed by the choir, which gradually subdivides into seven voice parts as its settles upon the final cadence. 10, Requiem pour soli, chœurs et orgue, Op. Its concluding 'Requiem aeternam' verse is sung to a straight psalm tone by the altos and basses, and then the last three lines of the text are reiterated in a brief but peaceful codetta. Later, he reduced the instrumental part for organ alone, as heard on this recording. item 6 Complete Choral Works (St John's College Chr, Robinson) (UK IMPORT) CD NEW 6 - Complete Choral Works (St John's College Chr, Robinson) (UK IMPORT) CD NEW. The choral ensemble is streamlined to very simple dimensions: a unison ensemble of baritone voices, with a baritone soloist featured in various sections of the work. Box 53388, Houston, TX 77052 | Tel 713.224.5566, Photography credit: Jeff Grass Photography. 33. Frequently written and rewritten until he was completely satisfied, he was a composer who rethought and reconfigured his music right up to the moment he had to let go of it. The Houston Chamber Choir continues to be recognized for its outstanding work. In contrast to the strict chordal harmony of 'Ubi caritas', this motet blends contrapuntal and chordal styles. ★★★★★ Houston Chamber Choir here offer beautifully presented accounts of all of Duruflé’s choral music – Choir & Organ, ★★★★ No listener could fail to be impressed by both the quality of the compositions and performances – Cross Rhythms, ★★★★ Beautifully crafted – Classical Source, [Ken Cowan] certainly adds real distinction to this performance of the Requiem – Gramophone, The Houston Chamber Choir, led  by their artistic director Robert Simpson, present an immaculate account of these works– The Northern Echo, Beautiful, artistic singing and thoughtful, sensitive music-making at every turn – Dale Warland, A superb recording to be treasured – Simon Carrington, Messe “Cum Jubilo” pour choeur de barytons et orgue, Op. The 175-voice Choral Union is known for its definitive performances of large-scale works for chorus and orchestra. Libera me 5:33IX. Gloria 6:12III. The site is also available in several languages. The three-part 'Kyrie eleison' is sung quietly by the full chorus, with a running figure in the organ part that periodically imitates the beginnings or endings of vocal phrases during interludes between them. But calm is restored as the sopranos intone its soft, consoling 'Requiem aeternam' text at the centre of the movement.