Looking forward to the new venture. Thanks for linking up this week to the From the Farm Blog Hop! I live in Seattle and spent my 23rd anniversary on the Oregon coast. However, they are certainly wonderful when baking, especially in cakes! I used duck egg yolks once when making a custard based ice cream. I miss growing our own veggies and the menagerie of animals we had, especially the hens and ducks. Glad you like them! I have friends who will start taking the extra duck eggs to the farmers market with them on the weekends. I couldn’t tell the difference in the egg taste when they were all mixed together. Some differences will depend on the breed of duck that laid the egg. The extra fat makes the finished product more moist and tender, and the extra protein makes the texture more spongy. Turkey eggs are the size of Pekin eggs so can handle almost any duck eggs. Hope you will like it. That would be good for storing eggs in your own refrigerator. Hi Kathy, This works well for storing in my fridge or for folks who want half duck and half chicken eggs. Thanks for the suggestion John. But, most health experts now agree that exercise levels, saturated fats and trans fats have a greater impact on our cholesterol levels than dietary cholesterol. Is their feed a layer feed or do they have access to as much oyster shell as they want? My thoughts were triggered off by a photo from a friend…..you’ve an awesome blog. I don’t have a problem with getting enough calories. In general, the following conversion works pretty well…, 3 medium chicken eggs = 2 large duck eggs. 3 medium chicken eggs = 2 large duck eggs. With the turkeys we did, only 3 of 6 hatched. chocolate, dark chocolate, flour, milk, salt, … Has anyone out there tried using duck eggs in their gluten free baking? According to Darlene of Mora Family Farm, the higher fat content in the yolks and higher protein in the whites make cakes, muffins, quick breads, and other baked goods richer and fluffier. Most of my duck eggs are used in baking or meatloaves. Lol, or did I get lost some where? …Visiting you from The Creative Home & Garden Blog Hop. Nicely written post! They don’t produce enough to feed me, and ornamental doesn’t mean anything to me. I have a difficult time keeping the foxes out of the duck house at our place, so I don’t have any ducks at the moment. I think the reason that duck eggs are so good for baking is the higher protein and fat content. You can put a light on a timer in their coop to come on for about 15 hours a day…this might stimulate them to start laying again. I enjoyed this post and learned something too. But I love toast dipped into a soft boiled egg for breakfast so finally “bit the bullet” and tried a duck egg. Years back when my girls were little, we had a few Bantam Chickens who ran free around the back acre, along with a couple of Layer hens. She has quite a variety of ducks, but most of the eggs were supposed to be Khaki Campbells. If you do this, they will whip up quite easily – and hold their “fluff” longer than chicken eggs. My daughter does the office birthday baking for all her co-workers. amzn_assoc_asins = "0989268888,1603426922";
I cannot say that everyone that is allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs but many can. Sometimes they lay a soft shell until their reproductive tract is working correctly. If you’ve never had access to duck eggs, you might be wondering how different they can be from chicken eggs. You all may want to try selling your duck eggs if you have a plethora. For some reason, I never ate a duck egg by itself. I bought the fertile eggs from a nearby farm. This is great because I’m getting over 2 dozen a week now . If you are collecting more eggs from you ducks than you can use, there might be a market for duck eggs in your area. Hi Amaranth, I especially like watching a mother duck with ducklings. All 3 hatched and were 3 different varieties. How nice of your co-worker to give you a dozen duck eggs. We are just now kicking into our first fully mature spring with them, and we’re getting three a day off the hens from our first group of ducks. These eggs are very soft to the touch, does the shell harden over time. amzn_assoc_linkid = "1cbe0db796ff1eece4d1b966f5589b5e";
I used to use the float test, but found that eggs are actually ok for baking even after they float. What kind of duck eggs are in the incubator? Add a pinch of salt or sugar to the egg mix and stir. Duck eggs take 28 days to hatch, compared to chicken eggs which take 21 days. Thanks for the great post! My mother used to add a touch of baking soda or lemon juice to the egg white before whipping them. The cupcakes took over twice as long as usual to bake, but they are the best ever! If your recipe calls for 3 chicken eggs, use 2 duck eggs. We have had these ducks since birth and they are 6 months old. A co-worker just gave me a dozen duck eggs, so I’ll try your applesauce cake, with my own organic applesauce I’m adding a link back on my blog! They usually lay quite well during the winter, when my chickens start to slack off. (I have since had Rouens and Black Cayuga… both laid fewer eggs than the Pekins, and their eggs were closer in size to a large chicken egg. I really get a kick out of watching the ducks take a dip in their water. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful tips about use (and freezing) of duck eggs! I have 5 ducks and have only gotten less than 5 eggs a few times since they started laying. I also sell a half dozen eggs to my boss every week, as her kid is reactive to chicken eggs, too. I have recently become able to get them semi-regularly from a local farmer, and am so excited! All eggs start to lose moisture through the shell immediately after laying. We have mostly Muscovy, but also Ancona and a Buff Orpington. I bet they’d love some duck egg brownies! If not, you need to do one or the other to provide them enough calcium to make a complete shell. Is it merely taste or do they have some other advantage over chickens eggs? Mmmmmmm! I love to use them in casseroles but I agree, they smell and taste “gamey” when fried. I didn’t like the topping, and won’t make that version again, but the custard was great! We have Runner ducks, currently six of them while we wait to see what the newest two turn out to be, as we already have one drake and I don’t want another one.