He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Effect: You increase the number of souls you attain by 10%. For PvP, this ring is a must. Location: Smoldering Lake• Version 1 is in the Cemetery of Ash. This includes Souls dropped from bosses to make early game progress much faster. Dark Souls 3 has a lot of different rings to equip — today, we're counting off the best and worst of them. Obtaining Souls is a core part of leveling up and upgrading gear in Dark Souls 3, which is why the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is such a strong choice. Even then, it comes at the cost of a ring slot that could be used for a more beneficial effect. Multi-instrumentalist; graduate in design, production and development; wordsmith; goodie-goodie; atheist; vegetarian / vegan; player of games (campaigner generally); previous maker of games. Favourite games include, Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero, Final Fantasy 8, TES IV: Oblivion and Resident Evil 3. The top 4 rings for your warrior's 4 ring slots, with details about their usefulness and location. GameSkinny Weekend Download: Console Tariffs, Canceled WoW Successor, New PUBG, More, Guy Plays Dark Souls 3 Using Nothing But Raw Meat, Dark Souls 3 Discarded Bonfire and Ceremony Systems Discovered, Why Dark Souls Is Still So Good, Six Years Later, A Case for Modding: Why More Steam RPGs Need Workshops, If you're more of the bow and arrow type, you'll want to look at our, Or, if greatswords are more your thing, head over to our countdown of the, Furthermore, if you have a thing for pyromancies, check out the countdown of the, If using magic is absolutely your preference, try the countdown of the, Like to leave your enemies blinded by the light? Here are the seven best and worst rings players can use in Dark Souls 3. Attacking or rolling has the same animation between male and female variants. Enter the tower and be careful, using the ledges as you drop down. Effects:It is an illusory ring that allows the player to retain the human appearance while in the hollows. This single ring grants increased HP, Stamina, and max Equip Load with no penalties. The Hornet Ring increases critical hit damage -- meaning parries and backstabs -- by … Location: Untended Graves. The Chloranthy ring is one of the best rings, and will assist with a speedy recovery and raises stamina. Effects: Increases END, VIT, and VGR by 5 points for each. Players have hundreds of weapons, armor pieces, and rings to choose from. Since it provides no benefits, it is easily the worst ring in Dark Souls 3. The Hornet Ring is found in the Untended Graves at Dark Firelink Shrine after the boss, Champion Gundyr. A +3 version can also be found in The Dreg Heap that grants a massive 35% Soul yield bonus. With a myriad of builds for players to create, there are a wide range of rings to help compliment any playstyle. 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Hornet Ring. For PvE, the range bonus is nice but hardly necessary for bow builds. Magic has received major changes in Dark Souls 3, the most notable of which is the return of FP. Version +3 untended graves behind King Lothrics Throne. This ring is nearly useless, but at least it doesn't have any negatives tied to it. With all of those positives in mind, the ring serves little purpose for players that don't abide by any Soul Level restrictions for phantom matchmaking. Characters that deal high damage per hit can instantly kill invaders with a single critical hit using this ring. This ring alters a character's idle, walk, and run animations. The Chloranthy Ring also stacks with the Grass Crest Shield and Green Blossoms. The Sun Princess Ring is a great example of how regenerating health is near useless in practice. However, the +2 variant raises this to 6% HP, 11.5% maximum Stamina, and 8% increased Equip Load. The stoneplates are true knight symbols. That effectively means it only works on four of Dark Souls 3's bosses and a small subset of enemies. Few weapons have it innately, no infusion grants Frostbite, and only a handful of enemies use Frost as a damage type. Version +1 The Undead settlement behind Siegward. The ring is behind some barrels and crates on the ground floor. Determining the best ones depend on the level you are at, and what powers you would want to take advantage. Obtained from Sister Friede in the Painted World of Ariandel, it grants 140 Frost resistance to help prevent Frostbite buildup. It's not a horrible choice in PvP, though. Use the nearby bridge to enter a home on the left. These bonuses are rather substantial and boost core stats, making this a fantastic choice for virtually every build in the game. Hornet ring. The +3 variant grants an additional ten stamina regeneration per second. It's mandatory for any builds that frequently cast spells and don't have a high Dexterity stat. Some honourable mentions include: Am I right? A speckled stone goes to knights who have endless journeys ahead of them. Dodging between enemy attacks before retaliating will consume an immense amount of stamina from any build. The Stray Demon can be located there. Effects: Thunder stoneplate increases your ability to absorb lightning by 13% or 4% in PvP. Havel's Ring increases maximum equipment load by 15%, essentially making this vitally important for all warrior characters who prefer heavy attire. This ring grants a massive 30% damage boost for critical hits with no drawbacks. Speckled stoneplate ring increases your ability to absorb lightning, fire, dark damage and magic by 5% or 2% in PvP, Version +1 increases damage absorption by 7% or 3% in PvP. The ring can be located in the undead settlement. Fashion is an important aspect of the Dark Souls franchise, but it is somewhat difficult to justify using the Untrue Dark Ring to turn a hollow character into a human-looking one. You will notice the difference when you are using the large weapons or when you need to recover speedily. The Wood Grain Ring increases the durability of all weapons by 20%, up to 40% with the +2 variant. Visit our, Best greatsword and ultra greatsword in Dark Soul 3. Removing weapon aura glows might sound nice, yet the particle effects tied to the effect persist even with this ring on. Players can choose to block incoming damage at the cost of Stamina, roll out of the way of attacks at the cost of less Stamina, or parry the hit altogether for a big boost in damage. There you have it. Most players forgot this ring existed. Effect: It allows you to increase FP that you have restored with Ashen Estus Flask. After defeating the fire demon with Siegvard, use the staircase in the house on the right. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. Ashen Estus ring. Dark Souls is frequently hailed as a challenging series amongst many gamers. This ring is created using the soul of a stray demon with soul transposition for 5,000 souls.