The first step in winning your audience’s attention with your webinar is delivering a strong, confident introduction. Script Options During Your Opening. And like any presentation, there are three ways to approach your preparation: 1. Webinar Script Introduction. Choose one of the following or model one of these. Having a written script gives your presentation structure. Mastering the Webinar Introduction Script September 26, 2017 Mark Bornstein It’s funny, when it comes to webinar best practices, the one thing that rarely gets discussed is the opening. Say this script in the first 10 minutes of your webinar. You can, however, easily adapt it if you plan to hold a webinar on your own. Use a script; 2. It’s also a way to ensure you hit al… Moderator: Good afternoon! Sample Webinar Introduction Script and Template. While all three methods can be useful, even the best presenters in history, like Steve Jobs, use scripts. So without further ado, here is a sample webinar script and template that you can use to present your own webinars. We must remember that a webinar is a virtual presentation. Thank you all for finding time and visiting today’s webinar. Does this mean you need to use a script for each webinar word for word? Scripts Environment: These can be used on live or automated webinars, with a question box or with a chat box. This script is written for two: the speaker and the moderator. Loosely talk off short-hand notes; 3. The host is the person who starts off the webinar … Not necessarily. This script assumes that the webinar will involve two people: a host and a presenter. Wing your presentation completely. My name is [moderator name] and I am [job title] at [company name].