These are the 20 richest bodybuilders in the world, as of 2020: Jeff Seid is an American professional IFBB bodybuilder, and he is the youngest bodybuilder on this list. You can click on any of the buttons below to follow us on our social media channels; or to get in touch with the founder, Dan Western, head over to the 'contact' page. He is also known as “The Sultan of Symmetry”. Those numbers may seem dubious, but check out a YouTube video of him squatting 525 for 23 butt-to-ankles reps, shot in 1992, five years after he retired from bodybuilding. ", Your email address will not be published. Calum Von Moger is an Australian bodybuilder, YouTuber, and actor. Still, for those, like yours truly, who saw his workouts in the Mecca, it’s the numbers he put up—especially on chest and legs—that were truly scary. His well-built chest is credited to dumbbell and barbell presses. Mike O’Hearn is an American bodybuilder, actor, personal trainer and model. High 10 Greatest and Richest Bodybuilders In The World Over time, the world has actually modified and there was a significant improvement in human life. In 13 additional IFBB Pro League contests, this 5’8″ Floridian never placed higher than fourth. Even if he never qualifies for the Olympia again, he’ll still be one of the lightest men to bench-press 600 raw. Thank you for signing up. He got the pro status before he even turned 19. Ferrigno’s net worth is $6 million, making him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners. It’s important to mention that the majority of this net worth didn’t come from bodybuilding as such. These Viator lifts were purportedly witnessed by a journalist in a 1971 full-body workout: squat, 505 for 14 reps; behind-the-neck press, 215 for 20; dip, 100 for 20; barbell curl, 200 for 20; and deadlift, 400 for 30. But low-rep lifts were something he did mainly for the cameras. Jeff started working out when he was of a very young age, and his teen transformation video has been viewed on YouTube by millions. Got into this field at the age of 11 and follows Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney and now he is trying to get into the field of acting. So let’s celebrate those who built some of the greatest physiques ever seen by conquering some of those most -terrifying weights ever faced. White excelled as a powerlifter specializing in the bench press before he earned his IFBB Pro League card by winning the 2007 USA Championships. His perfectly proportionate and muscular body has earned him the top spot on this list, for which he credits free weight basic exercises, along with high volume reps. He was recently cast to play the part of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie BIGGER; which is the story behind the founders of the Mr. Olympia contest. Meanwhile, he established himself as the premier raw powerlifter in the world. His love for Basketball made him yearn for a bigger challenge and it was after he got out of the University, he explored the world of body building. Rich has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and is the 2nd richest bodybuilder in the world. There are videos of him squatting 765 for four reps and 800 for two and deadlifting 800 for an easy double. While these numbers are tough to verify, there is photographic evidence. Franco Columbo is a two time Mr Olympia champion, these titles coming in 1976 and 1981. Kai Greene is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder, and most likely a name that even non-bodybuilding fans will know. His YouTube channel is extremely popular and receives millions of views. No one racked up more absurd-but-true numbers than the eight-time Mr. O. He competed only sporadically after that, but he won three pro contests in 1980 and was third in the 1982 Mr. Olympia, shortly before retiring at 31. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the richest bodybuilder in the world, with a net worth of $300 million. One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Coleman’s net worth is $10 million. Zero figures and V shaped bodies have been attracting the young and old alike. Welcome to our community, and we are so grateful to have you here with us. Lee Haney is an American former IFBB professional bodybuilder. Efferding was uniquely strong in all three lifts—his official raw powerlifting marks include a 606 bench press, an 865 squat, and an 837 deadlift. His exercise routine basically consisted of pyramid pressing movements, which accounted for the unmatched shape and size of his chest. Second, some of their feats needed to be verified—whether by our eyes or via official results. He is extremely disciplined and also helps other individuals who works towards making a body like his. We had requirements to make the grade: First, they had to have an IFBB Pro League card. Actors, singers, and most athletes get paid a lot of money. We have reached over 155 million views in the past 6 years, and amassed over 200,000 followers on social media. Here are the most successful bodybuilders of the world and also have the most beautiful physique. Heavy weight and basic movements helped him get the most amazing three sets of pecs. Yes, muscle matters, but what you can do with it matters, too. His chest workouts include 50 sets, with high volume training. You’d expect the highest paid individuals in these categories to be worth between $100 million to $1 billion. After winning the 1989 USA Championships, the 25-year-old Robinson exploded into the big leagues with a victory in his pro debut the following year. Maybe the 5’5″ Jackson’s most impressive lift, captured on video, was performing side laterals for 10 reps with 100-pound dumbbells—that’s more than most guys can press—and while weighing only 230 pounds. We’ve highlighted the 20 richest bodybuilders, and how much they’re currently worth. There are actually fairly a number of individuals who concentrate on bodybuilding. This famous body builder won the title of Mr. Olympia for eight years in a row breaking the record of Schwarzenegger. Dorian Yates’ net worth is $4 million, making him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. The list of best body builders in the world is incomplete without the mention of Hollywood superstar actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the title of Mr. Olympia for seven times in a row.