We want to help you enjoy your fishing adventure just as you’ve imagined it. The Antero Reservoir is a shallow body of water which makes it easier for ice to form on its surface. But it is most famous for the many different trout species that live in its waters. Antero reservoir is an artificial lake created by the dam placed on the South Platte River. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Antero Reservoir in Colorado! A Guide to Colorado's top fishing locations on Antero, Pueblo, Tarryall, 11 (Eleven) Mile, Spinney, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Morrow Point Reservoirs with details and … Boat fishing on Antero Reservoir is a once in a lifetime experience. We only work with the most experienced and professional fishing guides. Our fishing guides will help you find the best fishing spots only known to the locals. If you want to experience true winter fishing, we advise you to visit this lake during the winter. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. } If you want to try out something new, our fishing guides will be there to provide any assistance necessary. This can prove very useful if you are fishing in this lake for the first time. Fishing: The bag and possession limit for trout is two. The Antero Reservoir is located near the city of Hartsel in Colorado. Conditions : Antero Reservoir - As of 10/31/2020, Antero Reservoir was measured at 96% capacity and water temperature was recorded at 38 degrees. Antero Reservoir fishing is a well know big trout fishery in Colorado growing rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and hybrid cutbow trout fast and big! Antero Reservoir fishing guide can get you on some of the best fishing near Breckenridge, Keystone, Colorado Springs, and Denver for gold metal trout! FishAnywere is the best source for Antero Reservoir fishing charter trips. Spinning and jigging also yield results. This high-elevation reservoir (at about 9000 feet) is relatively shallow (18 feet or so) which, when combined with a lot of bug life, provides the perfect breeding ground for growing large Brown and Rainbow trout. Antero Reservoir is located in South Park, Colorado near by to the “Gold Medal” Spinney Reservoir, and it also has the right environmental conditions to produce “trophy trout”. With the help of a fishing guide, you can fish the Antero Reservoir waters whether you're a novice or experienced fisherman. Fishing in Antero Reservoir is an angler's dream come true. The trout you can catch here are rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, splake trout, brook trout, and cut-bow trout. Ice will continue to grow across the reservoir, especially with forecasts of winter conditions this weekend. Camping: There are 38 campsites available at the south side campground and boat ramp. With so many hungry trout in its waters, Antero Reservoir offers many fishing hotspots. It is one of the most diverse trout fisheries in Colorado. But if you are a fan of fly fishing, you’ll also yield great results with this technique too. @media(min-width: 720px) { You will also be able to catch: kokanee salmon, snake river, and greenback cutthroat. Embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime today with an Antero Reservoir fishing charter! As we have already stated, ice Fishing is immensely popular in Antero Reservoir. Check out our available Antero Reservoir fishing charters from our team of licensed fishing captains today! FishAnywhere.com is part of Anywhere Brands, LLC - the world's largest provider of outdoor adventure services. Because it is so loaded with these protein rich shrimp the trout feed on, their growth rate is significantly higher than fish in most other reservoirs within a reasonable driving distance. Don’t worry, the fish are very active, even during the winter. Antero Reservoir has been reknown for years as the home of large trout. Antero Reservoir is a shallow reservoir with healthy plant life and more scud shrimp than you can shake a hook at. Take a look at our listings and find available fishing charter trips in Antero Reservoir. The lake’s surface area is approximately 2,500 acres. Get the latest up to date fly fishing report for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Brook Trout fishing in Antero Reservoir with the top producing flies and recommended equipment to get you into fish. Colorado fishing guides offering a variety of kokanee salmon, trophy walleye, trophy pike and trophy trout trips 365 days a year on Lake San Cristobal, Blue Mesa, Antero, Spinney, 11 … But the list doesn’t end here. .mobile-contact-number { display: none !important; As we stated before, this lake is an ice fishing hotspot in the winter. }. Check the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Colorado Fishing guide for more information. All rights reserved. Picnicking: Because of COVID-19, the north side area is closed for picnicking until further notice. 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474) Reserve a Trip! If you decide to visit this lake and cast a line, you will be able to catch many trout species. One angler noted that there is ice beginning to form on the northwest shore. The Antero Reservoir has a very diverse fish life. During the winter, the temperatures get very cold in this area. Book your Antero Reservoir fishing trip now! Shallow average water depth allows sunlight to boost plant, and invertebrate life, which supply trout with food. During the winter, many fishermen visit this lake to experience the thrills of fishing through the ice. Be ready to catch a fish whenever you cast a line. Ice fishing is very popular on this lake as well. © 2020 AnywhereBrands.