You can buy the mattress separately or the bedding separately. What I really like about Allswell is that you don’t need to commit. This is an up and coming brand that will soon be a household name. The site offers two different mattresses. The OKiFirm’s graphite foam comfort layer also conforms but offers a firmer feel with a bit more support than memory foam alone provides. Returned mattresses are donated to local charities or recycled. This mattress is more on the medium firm end of the spectrum. The OkiSoft mattress is made up of four different layers. September 9, 2019. There is no cost for returning a mattress, and OkiOki arranges for pickup in the continental United States and gives you a full refund. Chances are you've seen or heard one of their ads online, or on your favorite podcast or radio station. The OkiEasy and OkiFlex have slightly more noise because of their pocket coil layer, but the coils are all individually wrapped in memory foam which helps to minimize noise so you can shift or get out of bed without disturbing your partner. Hello, my name is Ben, creator of If by chance you don’t like it, returns are free and easy and you can persue other mattresses that are more expensive. OkiOki ships mattresses within the United States and shipping is free, except if you live in Alaska or Hawaii. Unlike other mattress companies that offer mattresses at only one firmness, with OkiOki, you can choose from a variety of firmness options, as well as full foam or hybrid mattress models. You can’t go wrong trying out this mattress. The Allswell Supreme is the brand’s luxury hybrid option. What is really astonishing is that you can get the Allswell in a queen size for $345! Since your body isn’t surrounded by the mattress, heat won’t get trapped. This mattress is an incredible deal. You would be hard pressed to find a less expensive mattress with these specs and made in the USA. The hypoallergenic yarn zip cover aids in temperature regulation and keeps you from overheating. The OkiFirm still offers comfortable contouring, but this firmer mattress makes moving and repositioning yourself easier. Once you decide which design works best, you can choose the whole look or select individual pieces. With four different mattress models, OkiOki offers customers the ability to choose a mattress that works with their sleep preferences. Allswell aims to give you the complete bed solution. Allswell Mattress vs. Allswell Supreme. The gel foam layer is quilted into the fabric so you can’t see it but it provides a really nice feel at the top without being overly squishy. This firm mattress features a transition layer of 7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam that is topped with a 3-inch graphite foam cushion layer. If you decide to go with the bedding collection, you have a 30-day trial where you can return them if not satisfied. 8 in our list of Best Mattresses of 2020. The company does not ship internationally. Contact Information: 1-833-OKIOKI1, About > Showrooms >. The full cost of the set is $1,206, with items ranging from $50-$350. OkiOki is a relatively new company, but all of the mattress models have received largely positive reviews. This edge support increases the mattress’ durability and can make it easier to get into and out of bed at night. We also post a lot of best mattress lists with comparison charts, where we detail which beds are the best in various categories. This mattress has a great feel in large part because the comfort layer is quilted into the top layer of fabric which gives the mattress a more integrated feel overall. As a memory foam hybrid, OkiOki has a wide variety of competition at all ends of the price spectrum : the Lucid mattress and the Allswell mattress , for example, are only a few hundred dollars; the GhostBed Flex or the Brentwood Home Oceano , on the other hand, could cost you a few … Allswell is a brand known for providing quality sleep products at a competitive price. Using your mattress without a firm, solid foundation will void the warranty. These four mattresses include the features and quality materials that you would expect from a more expensive mattress, yet their highly affordable pricing indicates OkiOki’s dedication to providing affordable options and price transparency in the mattress industry. This mattress sleeps fairly cool because it has a sping system for more breathability and because you dont sink into it that much. The Allswell Supreme is a supreme deal in terms of bang for your buck. All foam mattresses can make it difficult to change positions as you have to wait for the foam to start to conform again. Allswell is the first brand I have tried where they put a lot of effort into getting the whole bedroom aesthetic right. This mattress comes shipped in a box and will arrive at your doorstep in a week or less after placing your order. Many stomach sleepers prefer a firmer mattress that provides plenty of support, making the OkiFlex, with its firmer feel and supportive pocket coils, an appropriate choice. This model has a medium feel, making it noticeably less firm than the Allswell Mattress, and its comfort system includes a Euro-top layer for extra cushioning. The OkiSoft has a soft, plush feel and has a 5 firmness rating on the 1-10 scale. The OkiSoft and OkiFirm do not feature edge support. In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed look at each of the four OkiOki mattresses. Again, this are just unbelievable prices for a Made in the USA mattress. These mattresses need to offer some pressure relief, but a mattress that lets sleepers sink in too deeply can create pain and stiffness from poor spinal alignment. Here’s a look inside the mattress so you can see how each layer responds. Customer Service: Around 80% of customers have reported a positive experience with OkiOki’s customer service via both phone and email. All OkiOki mattresses are exceptionally low-priced – models costs $550-$595 in a Queen-size, making them much cheaper than the average all-foam or hybrid mattress. You also won’t be surrounded as much by the mattress so it won’t sleep hot. Physical Stores: OkiOki does not have brick-and-mortar stores, but they do ship their mattresses within the United States and offer a 365-night sleep trial. Last Updated: September 2, 2020. The OkiFirm, the company’s firmest mattress, is made with graphite foam which creates a firmer feel with extra support. Check out the OkiOki. OkiOki created four mattresses to accommodate customers’ different sleep preferences. Allswell Luxe vs. the GhostBed The GhostBed mattress is a foam and latex mattress. The mattresses are all backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The OkiEasy and OkiFlex both have pocket coils which provide all-over support and reinforce the mattress edges. I should also note that their pillows and duvet insert are made with Hygro Cotton which helps regulate body temperature. Allswell describes themselves as a “Instagram-worthy dream bed”. Both the OkiSoft and OkiFirm are nearly silent mattresses, thanks to their all-foam construction. How Do Customers Rate the OkiOki Mattress? You don’t get the feeling like you are on just foam or just springs and that’s the way it should be. Below are the construction specifications of the mattress. Something many of the other online brands won’t do. With a 365-night risk-free return policy, OkiOki is laying the competition to rest. Here are the latest prices on the Allswell according to their website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You’ll enjoy a 365-night sleep trial no matter which mattress you purchase, and all of the mattresses work with different types of bases, including box springs and adjustable bases.