Related points of interest From Thespis's house, go left and down the stairs. Thespis from An Actor's Life for me is yearning for his muse and refuses to perform without his muse in the audience. Threaten them, let them go, or pay them. Head for the House of Aphrodite. drop down to the bushes and sneak behind him to take him out with a sneak attack. Head to Thespis's house which is in Greater Athens near the Agora. Category: Odyssey Quest Thespis wouldn't perform in Aristophanes's latest play unless he had his muse by his side. It was crucial that he and the woman who inspired him were reunited in time for his performance. Aristophane vous dévoile son plan visant à saper la crédibilité de Cléon, seul problème au tableau : Son acteur vedette a disparu. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guides ... Go to Thespis’s house, and you will have to interrogate a guard. Found: Given to you by Thespis after finishing An Actor's Life for Me Head on over to the House of Aphrodite where you'll find Aikaterine lounging on a blanket, very muse-like. Before you initiate combat, enemies can see you even when you’re hidden, and will chat to you. Call Ikaros when at the Agora and look across the small river running through this part of the city. Thespis refuses to perform without his muse in attendance. Cette partie de la Soluce Assassin's Creed Odyssey vous dévoile le déroulement de cette mission.. Discutez avec Aristophane pour recevoir de nouveaux objectifs puis partez en direction de la maison de Thespis (image1). 3. Thespis lives in Attika His house is located in northern Greater Athens, near the Agora At the end you can invite Bulis to your crew (Epic Lieutenant). Speak to Thespis. You will have a choice to kill him or make him join your crew.